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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#257 Create more sophisticated search fuctionality and the ability to make saved searches with vodcast outputs ATEngageVideo task closed 07/30/09
#271 Complete plumi.mediahost egg and upload to pypi Transcoding task vik closed 08/27/09
#315 Re-implement TX metadata atom feed Vodcasting task baiju closed 02/09/10
#372 Apache buildout leaving code cruft in /tmp Buildout task closed 03/17/10
#406 Open Content licensing option not available for news/events/call outs ContentLicensing task closed 05/20/10
#421 Ability to chat with other users - who else is on this page AuthorProfile task closed 07/20/10
#490 Investigate nginx AuthorProfile task Dimo closed 11/01/10
#560 Enhance Tag Functionality SocialSoftware task dave closed 12/21/10
#609 Create RSS feed for the front page that feeds all content Architecture task closed 02/11/11
#614 Investigate optional universal captcha support Architecture task closed 02/16/11
#629 Revisit the active members portlet Architecture task closed 03/13/11
#22 Investigate Calendar Functionality Events enhancement closed 07/05/07
#465 Random Profile Images For Members AuthorProfile enhancement closed 10/26/10
#592 Oembed service implementation EmbeddedPlayback feature Dave closed 01/25/11
#97 Make Plumi compatible with Miro player search bar Vodcasting task closed 10/23/07
#133 Have plumi work with Gnash (flash player in GPL) EmbeddedPlayback task andycat closed 12/11/07
#390 Ability to sort content by rating SiteTools task dave closed 04/19/10
#68 Indytube / Flowplayer Does Not Go Fullscreen on Opera 9.23 / Mac OS 10.4.10 / PPC G3 EmbeddedPlayback defect andycat closed 09/18/07
#221 minor code syntax error on <link> tags in ATVideo ATVideo task andycat closed 02/03/09
#602 Ratings Error - rating an item you have already rated Architecture task closed 01/28/11

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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#445 Problem creating an ISO unless logged in as admin AuthorProfile defect closed 09/14/10
#453 Creating a multi-video ISO failed AuthorProfile defect closed 09/15/10
#444 Cannot play mounted ISO Transcoding task closed 09/12/10
#452 Create spec for burnstation production system AuthorProfile task Grant closed 09/15/10
#449 Error when clicking "Burn Disc" - become logged in as admin? AuthorProfile defect closed 09/14/10
#447 "Clear Queue" and "Burn Disc" link available when ISO is being built AuthorProfile task closed 09/14/10
#451 Create basic user how to for burnstation Documentation task Grant closed 09/15/10
#446 Change "Burn Disc" link to "Make Disc Image" and make it red AuthorProfile task closed 09/14/10
#448 Increase font size in the Burn Queue portlet AuthorProfile task closed 09/14/10
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