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#832 Change and Re-Order User Options Drop Down PlumiEMSkin task markos closed 11/02/12
#835 Move Date to Under Title in Portlet Items PlumiEMSkin task yiannis closed 11/02/12
#841 Video View - Reduce Padding - Video Title PlumiEMSkin task cpsaltis closed 11/02/12
#845 Feedback Area Misalignment - Author Page PlumiEMSkin task mike closed 11/02/12
#819 Safari: Info Text Appears On Top of Title PlumiEMSkin defect yiannis closed 11/01/12
#847 Update /publish Page PlumiEMSkin defect yiannis closed 11/02/12
#839 Reduce Line Spacing - Featured Video Title PlumiEMSkin enhancement yiannis closed 11/02/12
#758 Check with UniSubs - issues Architecture task anna closed 06/28/12
#791 Plumi Blog - About Us - Add Unweb Text ReleaseManagement task closed 08/30/12
#810 "Log in" text is not a link on registration > password set page PlumiSkin task closed 10/31/12
#797 Video Publish Form - License Heading Font Larger & Remove Space Under Chooser PlumiEMSkin enhancement cpsaltis closed 08/30/12
#829 Apply 75% Width to Text Content on Registration Page PlumiEMSkin enhancement yiannis closed 11/02/12
#393 Make publish/browse portlets text not images - make translatable PlumiSkin task closed 04/21/10
#798 Video Publish Form - Reduce Field Length & Reduce Form Height PlumiEMSkin task yiannis closed 08/30/12
#788 New Plumi Blog ReleaseManagement task closed 08/29/12
#877 Comments formatting needs cleaning PlumiEMSkin task yiannis closed 03/19/13
#927 Upgrade nginx+memcache Architecture task closed 07/12/13
#928 Update mediaelementjs EmbeddedPlayback task closed 07/12/13
#930 Update ffmpeg Transcoding task closed 07/17/13
#931 Update uwsgi Architecture task closed 07/17/13
#726 Facebook Embed - Video NOT Playable EmbeddedPlayback defect closed 04/04/12
#956 Error running Bootstrap to install Documentation defect closed 03/31/14
#922 buildout error Architecture defect closed 05/20/13
#856 Add a Contact This Member Link to Video View Page PlumiEMSkin enhancement yiannis closed 11/06/12
#795 Video Player - Increase Font Size "Embed" & Make Social Media Icons bigger VideoPlayer task closed 08/30/12
#981 Layout Issues - Front Page - iPhone 480px screen size PlumiEMSkin task yiannis closed 10/08/14
#982 Layout Issues - Front Page - iPad - 768px screen size PlumiEMSkin task yiannis closed 10/08/14
#985 Responsive Fonts PlumiSkin task giannis closed 10/09/14
#878 Fixes for mobiles/tablets PlumiEMSkin task yiannis closed 03/20/13
#983 Mgogoulos Instance needs test data PlumiEMSkin task yiannis closed 10/08/14
#988 Subtitles - Adaptive Layout DesignCSS task giannis closed 12/16/14
#934 Default theme display broken PlumiSkin defect yiannis closed 08/12/13
#790 Ability to Change Author of Item PlumiVideoProduct defect closed 08/29/12
#838 Player Elements Resize on Load - Front Page VideoPlayer defect closed 11/02/12
#876 More Videos Doesn't Work - demo.plumi.org PlumiSkin defect yiannis closed 01/31/13
#826 Multiple <iframe> Sizes EmbeddedPlayback feature closed 11/02/12
#70 Plumi buttons DesignCSS task yiannis closed 09/20/07
#772 NEW TEMPLATE - Collections Architecture task closed 07/02/12
#840 Video Publish Form - Remove "no value" option from Taxonomy Selector VideoUploading task mike closed 11/02/12
#923 update versions of software Plumi uses Architecture task closed 06/10/13
#846 Folder View Column Headings Misaligned PlumiEMSkin defect yiannis closed 11/02/12
#864 Add two lines of space above login fields on login page PlumiEMSkin task yiannis closed 11/21/12
#872 Search Box Right Edge Missing DesignCSS task closed 01/22/13
#624 Display country list by continent Architecture task closed 03/10/11
#11 Comment in info section of torrent file back to video view page BitTorrent defect closed 07/04/07
#40 Add captions/subtitles to uploaded videos EmbeddedPlayback enhancement closed 07/11/07
#148 validate RSS2 feed / implement Tx metadata / fix in Safari, iTunes Vodcasting enhancement andycat closed 01/30/08
#363 plumiftp buildout recipe VideoUploading enhancement closed 03/15/10
#18 New Feature - Playlists EmbeddedPlayback feature closed 07/04/07
#114 Enhance indytube to produce audio only streams, as well as thumbnails Transcoding feature andycat closed 11/13/07
#16 adding bittorent as a product to plone BitTorrent task andycat closed 07/04/07
#30 Investigate and test p4a portfolio product for possible inclusion AuthorProfile task andycat closed 07/05/07
#73 Contact Tab in Author Page AuthorProfile task closed 09/21/07
#79 New Author Page / Workspace AuthorProfile task closed 09/21/07
#132 enable the ability to upload a transcript, aka subtitle, and make it translatable Translation task closed 12/07/07
#213 Implement Firefogg support VideoUploading task andycat closed 01/11/09
#259 Increase ease of adding additional files/links to video objects ATEngageVideo task closed 07/30/09
#473 Integrate more elegant captcha system AuthorProfile task closed 10/28/10
#724 Image Loading Delay in Video Player EmbeddedPlayback task closed 04/03/12
#779 Duration Metadata Not Consistently Extracted Transcoding task closed 08/01/12
#278 Faceted Search with multimedia features Search feature closed 10/31/09
#129 Improve flash html code to be more compliant and cross browser EmbeddedPlayback task andycat closed 11/26/07
#407 Cannot access ownership tab in video objects PlumiVideoProduct task closed 05/25/10
#636 FTP uploads don't get picked up by transcoder Transcoding defect closed 05/02/11
#475 Refactor transcode.deamon to enable more reliable scheduling of transcoding jobs Transcoding enhancement closed 10/29/10
#492 Extract Callouts from Plumi AuthorProfile task closed 11/01/10
#541 Refactoring of Plumi - Plumi Video, Plumi App Refactoring task closed 12/10/10
#543 Use plone.app.async instead of Twisted - Transcode Daemon Transcoding task closed 12/11/10
#605 Rename "plumi callouts" to "callouts" Architecture task closed 02/08/11
#607 Ability for admins/editors to embed videos into news/page/event/callouts items Architecture task closed 02/10/11
#647 Videos with spaces in the name not transcoded Transcoding task closed 07/05/11
#717 Factor out Callouts, put into EM, leave on ice. Architecture task closed 03/01/12
#761 Remove Month & Day From Video Content Type Schema PlumiVideoProduct task closed 06/28/12
#576 Streaming Error - Filename Sanitisation Issue - Transcode Star Transcoding task closed 01/12/11
#628 Comments Dates Incorrect on recent comments listing Commenting defect closed 03/13/11
#33 Ability to add html in description field of smart folders PlumiSkin defect andycat closed 07/05/07
#35 Automatic Metadata Extraction From Video Files ATEngageVideo defect andycat closed 07/06/07
#37 Improved tagging functionality Taxonomy defect andycat closed 07/08/07
#2 Release ATEngageVideo ATVideo enhancement somebody closed 07/04/07
#71 Investigate ATBlobField ATEngageVideo 1.0 enhancement andycat closed 09/20/07
#431 Add file size (in brackets) to ogv file on video view page PlumiSkin enhancement closed 08/07/10
#21 create custom item type for featured Items [ ATEngageVideo, News, Events, Call Outs] News feature dimo closed 07/05/07
#155 Add ability to embed videos from other sites VideoUploading feature andycat closed 02/10/08
#239 Facebook/Twitter integration for posting videos SocialSoftware feature closed 06/16/09
#53 Move video product to Zope3 ATVideo task andycat closed 07/24/07
#54 Re-implement the ability to add a custom image to rss2 feeds Vodcasting task closed 08/01/07
#75 Make it easy for users to create their own custom vodcast channels Vodcasting task andycat closed 09/21/07
#76 Create widget to allow content licensing within news item edit form News task andycat closed 09/21/07
#78 Group Functionality ProductionTools task closed 09/21/07
#90 Debian package for Plumi SiteTools task closed 10/16/07
#184 Make Configlet to Control Option for Revealing ReTranscode Messages to Managers or Managers and Owners Transcoding task andycat closed 10/15/08
#206 Include HTML5 video player in rss or atom feed Vodcasting task closed 12/23/08
#215 Ability to feature site members ATEngageVideo task closed 01/12/09
#252 Develop a system to allow text/audio/file based content to be attached to video items PlumiVideoProduct task closed 07/29/09
#257 Create more sophisticated search fuctionality and the ability to make saved searches with vodcast outputs ATEngageVideo task closed 07/30/09
#271 Complete plumi.mediahost egg and upload to pypi Transcoding task vik closed 08/27/09
#315 Re-implement TX metadata atom feed Vodcasting task baiju closed 02/09/10
#372 Apache buildout leaving code cruft in /tmp Buildout task closed 03/17/10
#406 Open Content licensing option not available for news/events/call outs ContentLicensing task closed 05/20/10
#421 Ability to chat with other users - who else is on this page AuthorProfile task closed 07/20/10
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