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#139 Redesign tagging and tag cloud system Taxonomy task closed 12/20/07
#351 Remove "callouts" from taxonomy page Design task closed 02/24/10
#395 Update documentation pages in wiki to reflect 4.0 version and advent of Plumi manual Documentation task anna closed 05/05/10
#558 Remove "videos best viewed on VLC" Architecture task Dave closed 12/20/10
#562 Tag Cloud Text - Larger / Smaller DesignCSS task dave closed 01/06/11
#528 Add Empty Selection to Genre Drop-Down PlumiVideoProduct enhancement closed 12/03/10
#253 Look at Critical Commons features and see what could be brought into Plumi 4.x PlumiVideoProduct task closed 07/29/09
#321 Investigate mwembed as method for HTML 5 video tag implementation EmbeddedPlayback task closed 02/11/10
#405 Add link to video author in taxonomy and other video listings AuthorProfile task dave closed 05/19/10
#441 Move body text to below Description in "callouts edit form AuthorProfile task dave closed 08/30/10
#580 Change Member Folder Link Text on Author Page AuthorProfile task dave closed 01/19/11
#522 Complete EM Tickets on Redmine & Update EM staging site to RC 1 PlumiSkin task closed 11/26/10
#494 Zope ftp rejects m4v files coming from plumiftp VideoUploading defect closed 11/09/10
#593 Member Search by Role Not Working PlumiSkin defect closed 01/25/11
#598 Margin/Padding required on Author page content area DesignCSS defect closed 01/27/11
#523 Update demo.plumi.org with rc1 AuthorProfile task closed 11/29/10
#526 Complete EM Tickets on Redmine & Update EM staging site to RC 1 ReleaseManagement task closed 11/29/10
#579 Release RC 1 ReleaseManagement task closed 01/18/11
#603 Proxy Error PlumiVideoProduct task closed 02/01/11
#604 Facebook/MySpace/Twitter Icons not showing - author page DesignCSS task closed 02/02/11
#596 No Download Stats Update Using Safari or Opera... IE??? Architecture defect closed 01/26/11
#610 Centre videos in "other videos by this author" DesignCSS task dave closed 02/12/11
#612 Active members not showing in testing/demo Architecture task closed 02/15/11
#618 Donations via paypal - no icon appears ECommerce task closed 02/21/11
#525 Release 4.1 final and update demo.plumi.org ReleaseManagement task closed 11/29/10
#587 Plumi Manual - BitTorrent Documentation task closed 01/21/11
#611 User folders in demo.plumi don't show up Architecture task closed 02/12/11
#584 Slowness in transcoding queue Transcoding defect closed 01/20/11
#620 Interim enhancements to author page AuthorProfile task closed 02/27/11
#627 Add translation of low/high res options in Indonesian Architecture task closed 03/12/11
#638 If connection is interrupted FTP copies across file to site before it is done VideoUploading task closed 05/03/11
#637 Replacing thumbnail doesn't change thumbnailImage_thumb version Architecture task closed 05/03/11
#639 Commit the transcode daemon scheduler changes to TD svn Transcoding task Dimo closed 05/03/11
#581 Complete EM Tickets on Redmine & Update EM staging site to RC 1 Architecture task closed 01/20/11
#622 Update demo.plumi to 4.2 and run low-res transcode script Architecture task closed 03/10/11
#582 Make release on Plone.org, mail plumi lists, add to Plumi blog Architecture task and closed 01/20/11
#670 Facebook Link Post - Problems with Video Playback on FB EmbeddedPlayback task closed 12/14/11
#673 "View in high quality" text needs to be 15-20% larger Architecture task closed 12/19/11
#677 Increase embed text by 15-20% Architecture task closed 12/20/11
#678 U/subs options not loading firefox 8.0.1 Architecture task closed 12/20/11
#680 Embed text sits to the left of embed box on firefox 8 (mac) Architecture task closed 12/20/11
#681 Capital E on Embed and increase size of text 50% PlumiSkin task closed 12/21/11
#682 Bittorrent not running BitTorrent task closed 12/21/11
#684 Meta data is pushed down below the video in demo.plumi Architecture task closed 12/21/11
#685 Iframe code includes ratings, embed and author info Architecture task closed 12/22/11
#674 No Uploading Animation DesignCSS defect closed 12/19/11
#672 Language of the video not compulsory Architecture task closed 12/19/11
#675 iFrame code goes very small after unisubs menu click PlumiSkin defect closed 12/19/11
#583 Complete EM Tickets on Redmine & Update EM staging site to RC 1 Architecture task closed 01/20/11
#649 Release Plumi 4.3 final Architecture task closed 09/28/11
#650 Update demo.plumi.org to Plumi 4.3 Final Architecture task closed 09/28/11
#679 Video autoloads on Chrome EmbeddedPlayback task closed 12/20/11
#47 16:9 Flow player support Transcoding enhancement closed 07/13/07
#175 Integrate Universal Subtitles PlumiVideoProduct task closed 09/10/08
#621 Error: bittorrent BitTorrent task closed 03/05/11
#623 make sure plumi.content works as as standalone package with sunburst Architecture task closed 03/10/11
#630 Author page pulling in news/events/callouts that are not made by the author AuthorProfile task closed 03/13/11
#632 Improve transcoder reliability Transcoding task closed 03/29/11
#642 Upgrade to Plone 4.1 Architecture task closed 05/11/11
#237 Support for HTML5 video tag EmbeddedPlayback enhancement closed 06/09/09
#479 Author page pulls in items based on Creator, it should be Owner AuthorProfile task dave closed 10/29/10
#626 Configure continuous integration server for Plumi ReleaseManagement task closed 03/10/11
#668 Subtitle Button took me to blank page Translation defect closed 12/12/11
#261 Add 'video language' to video meta-data PlumiVideoProduct task closed 08/14/09
#411 Re-insert history button on plumi video view template AuthorProfile task dave closed 06/28/10
#469 Add author comments to profile page Commenting task dave closed 10/27/10
#470 Enable reviewers to retranscode videos AuthorProfile task dave closed 10/27/10
#472 Ensure the "Date of First Publication" value is used in an RSS2 feed of member's videos. Vodcasting task closed 10/28/10
#476 Add you FB/twitter/other social networking spaces to your profile AuthorProfile task dave closed 10/29/10
#480 Add number of comments to video listing template AuthorProfile task dave closed 10/30/10
#511 Captcha on mailto page AuthorProfile task dave closed 11/19/10
#544 Show most active members AuthorProfile task dave closed 12/13/10
#585 Remove "--" from display of International country taxonomy item in video listing views PlumiSkin task dave closed 01/20/11
#590 Integrate Brazilian Portuguese Plumi 4.0 Translation Translation task mike closed 01/24/11
#600 Rename Categories as Topics, add Genre to video listings PlumiSkin task dave closed 01/27/11
#663 Placement of subtitle me button stretches page PlumiSkin task closed 12/02/11
#669 Facebook share of video via unisubs - only links to unisubs front page Translation defect closed 12/14/11
#540 Captchas For Comments Commenting enhancement dave closed 12/07/10
#153 Producer Donations - Add PayPal Account to Profile, List on Video View and Author Pages ECommerce feature dave closed 02/08/08
#695 No Upload Animation in Mac OS X Safari & Chrome DesignCSS defect closed 01/25/12
#739 Changing Language - Content Error Translation defect closed 04/07/12
#641 Update collective.piwik.flowplayer to use the latest piwik version Architecture task closed 05/08/11
#689 Add subs selection to featured video VideoPlayer task mike closed 01/23/12
#676 Language look up should use standard video listing template Architecture task closed 12/20/11
#690 Remove 'video language' from table on video view page Architecture task markos closed 01/23/12
#691 16:9 videos have black border on top and bottom Architecture task closed 01/24/12
#458 Taxonomy collections display Number of Videos on page, not in collection Taxonomy defect closed 10/24/10
#693 Member Videos Folder View Should List in Date/Time Order, Most Recently Added First Architecture defect closed 01/25/12
#729 Share This doesn't pop up - Latest Videos listing SocialSoftware defect closed 04/04/12
#731 No Universal Subtitles VideoPlayer defect closed 04/04/12
#736 No Featured Video - Front Page PlumiSkin defect closed 04/06/12
#738 User Search Links to Member Folder Architecture defect closed 04/06/12
#740 FTP video did not transcode Transcoding defect closed 04/07/12
#741 Licensing Error - All Rights Reserved ContentLicensing defect closed 04/07/12
#742 Proxy Error Architecture defect closed 04/07/12
#702 Links from Author Lookups (Genre/Activities/Media Formats) Link to Member Not Author Page AuthorProfile enhancement closed 02/02/12
#606 Add Hong Kong to list of countries Architecture task closed 02/10/11
#688 Player 'play' graphic keeps spinning on page load (OS X / Firefox) VideoPlayer task Anna closed 01/10/12
#696 Make FTP uploads default to private state VideoUploading task closed 01/25/12
#727 no images in RSS feeds Vodcasting task closed 04/04/12
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