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#520 Update Plumi manual to reflect 3.1.1 changes AuthorProfile task closed 11/26/10
#512 Author page throws error when logged in AuthorProfile defect closed 11/19/10
#508 Error attempting to select CC license ContentLicensing task closed 11/19/10
#514 /callouts page throw an error AuthorProfile task closed 11/19/10
#399 Migrate Plumi to Plone 4.0 AuthorProfile task closed 05/19/10
#454 Merge plumi.app and plumi.buildout, deprecate plumi.migration Buildout task closed 10/09/10
#468 Remove ability for ordinary users to change video view PlumiVideoProduct task closed 10/27/10
#474 Ensure Plone Indonesian translation goes into Plone repo Translation task closed 10/28/10
#481 Check video view pages for non-essential elements PlumiSkin task closed 10/30/10
#483 Investigate using Themeeditor to create Plone 4 Plumi Skin based on Sunburst PlumiSkin task closed 10/31/10
#484 Replace ATCountryWidget with a selection widget + ATVocabularyManager for Plone 4 compatibility AuthorProfile task closed 11/01/10
#486 Replace vaporisation with qi.portlet.TagClouds Taxonomy task closed 11/01/10
#487 Investigate Replacement for Taxonomy System Taxonomy task closed 11/01/10
#488 Add supervisor to the buildout Buildout task closed 11/01/10
#489 Replace CacheFu with plone.app.caching & Squid with Varnish in the production buildout Buildout task closed 11/01/10
#491 Code cleanup PlumiVideoProduct task closed 11/01/10
#493 Take PlumiFTP out as separate egg in buildout Buildout task closed 11/01/10
#498 No flash player in 4.0 alpha AuthorProfile task closed 11/17/10
#499 Indonesian translation lacking many translations Translation task closed 11/17/10
#500 Video view shows all members folders AuthorProfile task closed 11/17/10
#502 Comments box v.small again AuthorProfile task closed 11/17/10
#503 Publish page elements too close to left nav AuthorProfile task closed 11/17/10
#504 Login page elements not in alignment AuthorProfile task closed 11/17/10
#505 Double up of icons in left nav AuthorProfile task closed 11/19/10
#506 Remove "a video content" text in video publish form AuthorProfile task closed 11/19/10
#507 Remove full description text explanation in step 1 of publish form AuthorProfile task closed 11/19/10
#509 Next, previous, cancel buttons jutting up against bottom border DesignCSS task closed 11/19/10
#510 Step 3 fields not inline AuthorProfile task closed 11/19/10
#456 Social Media icons over-written by long video title in Firefox SocialSoftware defect closed 10/24/10
#482 First look at Plone 4 adaptation AuthorProfile task closed 10/30/10
#530 Error on Video Upload PlumiVideoProduct defect closed 12/03/10
#537 Default Country & Genre Selection Taxonomy defect closed 12/06/10
#538 No Flowplayer on Front Page PlumiSkin defect closed 12/06/10
#539 No Image for Videos PlumiVideoProduct defect closed 12/06/10
#485 Replace collective.plonebookmarklets SocialSoftware task closed 11/01/10
#496 move taxonomies to a new and optional package Taxonomy task closed 11/15/10
#501 Login page elements not in alignment AuthorProfile task closed 11/17/10
#513 Remove image, image caption and body text as being compulsory in callouts AuthorProfile task closed 11/19/10
#515 Top nav links run over 2 lines AuthorProfile task closed 11/19/10
#516 Front page is almost 1mb, look at ways to reduce size DesignCSS task closed 11/23/10
#518 Check videos are being displayed in the order of first transition to published state VideoUploading task closed 11/25/10
#519 Add images/files to workflow and make pending but not public on submission AuthorProfile task closed 11/25/10
#495 Revert to Previous Flowplayer Splash Image File Size Transcoding enhancement closed 11/12/10
#521 Complete EM Tickets on Redmine & Update EM staging site to RC 1 AuthorProfile task closed 11/26/10
#586 Plumi Manual Updates for 4.0 Documentation task mike closed 01/21/11
#536 Portlet Rendering Error PlumiSkin defect closed 12/06/10
#546 Error on Author Pages AuthorProfile defect closed 12/13/10
#547 Not Receiving Emails on Submission VideoUploading defect closed 12/13/10
#548 Videos Don't Transcode Transcoding defect closed 12/13/10
#549 No "Send this" Email Received PlumiSkin defect closed 12/13/10
#550 Can't Click Save on Edit-in-Place Body Text of Event Events defect closed 12/13/10
#551 No Emails vis Contact Form PlumiSkin defect closed 12/14/10
#552 Facebook Posting - No Video Embedded EmbeddedPlayback defect closed 12/14/10
#553 Error on Embedded Playback - Wordpress EmbeddedPlayback defect closed 12/14/10
#554 Error on Personalize Form AuthorProfile defect closed 12/14/10
#555 Error on Change Language Architecture defect closed 12/15/10
#557 Login form out of alignment in Safari 5.0 DesignCSS defect closed 12/16/10
#559 Taxonomies Missing - Video Listings and Video View PlumiSkin defect closed 12/20/10
#517 Update Plumi summary on Plone.org Architecture task closed 11/24/10
#556 Error on "Other" selection in Open Content License widget ContentLicensing task closed 12/15/10
#545 Double Icons In Some Member Page folders PlumiSkin defect closed 12/13/10
#130 Audio/Video Sync Problems With Auto-Transcoding Transcoding task anna closed 11/28/07
#27 Notification that feedback has been sent to author SocialSoftware defect andycat closed 07/05/07
#28 insure full itunes rss2/atom compatability Vodcasting defect andycat closed 07/05/07
#134 plumi has unlisted python dependencies ATEngageVideo defect andycat closed 12/12/07
#147 RSS2 view has unicode error Vodcasting defect andycat closed 01/29/08
#7 rss2 does not contain content licensing metadata Vodcasting enhancement andycat closed 07/04/07
#104 Investigate new captcha tools ATEngageVideo enhancement andycat closed 10/30/07
#19 Auto Transcoding and Embedded Playback of Ogg Theora Files Transcoding feature andycat closed 07/05/07
#24 Add atom feeds Vodcasting feature andycat closed 07/05/07
#60 Content Ratings SocialSoftware feature andycat closed 08/31/07
#55 "full description" header appears when no info is entered PlumiSkin task andycat closed 08/01/07
#56 Add news listing into author page AuthorProfile task andycat closed 08/01/07
#89 Indytube Egg process Transcoding task andycat closed 10/16/07
#91 Investigate ZEO clustering SiteTools task andycat closed 10/16/07
#128 New Editor Role To Edit/Delete ATEngageVideo, News, Events and Callouts Objects plone3 task andycat closed 11/23/07
#181 Make adding a thumbnail compulsory ATEngageVideo task andycat closed 09/25/08
#211 Translate Plumi to Thai. ATEngageVideo task datakid closed 12/24/08
#226 Have reviewer emails include the video title in the email subject ATEngageVideo task andycat closed 03/23/09
#236 Ability to add comments to callouts SocialSoftware task closed 06/04/09
#246 Kupu editor make the image dissapear if you try to place the image in a different place on the page ATEngageVideo task closed 07/29/09
#250 Enable LinguaPlone for video items PlumiVideoProduct task closed 07/29/09
#254 No RSS feed for comments SocialSoftware task closed 07/29/09
#255 Make comments include name of content item they are commenting on SocialSoftware task closed 07/30/09
#400 Create an "in-progress" state for videos AuthorProfile task closed 05/19/10
#166 comment: unsupported operand type SiteTools defect andycat closed 07/01/08
#151 Use a multimodal player EmbeddedPlayback enhancement andycat closed 02/05/08
#192 detail on Video upload progress indicator ATVideo enhancement andycat closed 11/06/08
#232 No embedded Featured video on front page EmbeddedPlayback feature closed 04/30/09
#238 Include social networking bookmarklets SocialSoftware feature closed 06/15/09
#165 addtoFavorites: UnicodeEncodeError SiteTools task andycat closed 07/01/08
#25 Error When Uploading Video With Same File Name ATEngageVideo defect andycat closed 07/05/07
#8 BitTorrent Functionality BitTorrent feature closed 07/04/07
#10 BitTorrent Tracker Info Displayed on Video Item Display (/view) page BitTorrent enhancement closed 07/04/07
#111 List Number of Views and Downloads on Video_View Template PlumiVideoProduct feature closed 11/07/07
#371 Enable high and low-quality versions for video player PlumiVideoProduct task closed 03/17/10
#599 Error on Video Page PlumiSkin task closed 01/27/11
#588 4.0 Design Bugs DesignCSS defect closed 01/24/11
#594 Error on Latest Videos Architecture defect closed 01/26/11
#225 Remove ability of ordinary Members to change folder view of any folder PlumiSkin enhancement dave closed 03/19/09
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