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#216 Video Publishing Via SFTP - Plumi Dev ATEngageVideo task andycat closed 01/12/09
#218 Promote 0.2.3-final ATEngageVideo task anna closed 01/19/09
#233 plumi.* eggs -- initial development plone3 task closed 05/04/09
#241 Upload new plumi eggs to pypi Buildout task andycat closed 07/23/09
#369 Test and ensure all core functionality works ATEngageVideo task closed 03/17/10
#283 Promote Plumi 3.0 release SocialSoftware task closed 11/29/09
#290 MIME type not being detected correctly in migrated content PlumiVideoProduct task closed 01/08/10
#379 Video, news, events, callouts folders not appearing in member folder view ATEngageVideo task closed 03/30/10
#394 Uploading warning appears upon translation of video object Translation task closed 04/22/10
#396 Add plone.formwidget.captcha or plone.formwidget.recaptcha to block spam comments ATEngageVideo task closed 05/12/10
#262 Some content not migrating correctly plone3 defect andycat closed 08/26/09
#289 Naming scheme of videos has changed PlumiVideoProduct defect closed 01/08/10
#376 Create a migration.txt to assist people migrating from 0.2.3 to 3.0. ATEngageVideo task mike closed 03/26/10
#383 Auto extracted thumbnail doesn't appear as a splash image on flash player ATEngageVideo task closed 03/30/10
#384 Non-relevant folders created in left nav on migration ATEngageVideo task closed 03/30/10
#245 migrate demo.plumi.org to plumi 3.0-final plone3 task closed 07/27/09
#207 Translate Plumi to Indonesian Translation task vik closed 12/24/08
#333 Test and ensure all core functionality works plone3 task closed 02/15/10
#368 Flash player is squashing video ATEngageVideo task closed 03/17/10
#341 scripts have hardcoded interpreter Transcoding defect closed 02/22/10
#346 RSS2 not working in iTunes (mac os 10.6.2, iTunes 9.0.3) Vodcasting defect baiju closed 02/23/10
#354 Review List tab doesn't show for user with Reviewer role PlumiSkin defect closed 02/24/10
#355 3.0-beta2 transcode "DOWNLOAD" step broken when using Apache Transcoding defect closed 03/12/10
#266 add to favourites SiteTools task vik closed 08/26/09
#293 Configure lingua plone to display default content if the selected language is not available Translation task closed 01/28/10
#314 Upgrade buildout to Plone 3.3.4 before release ATEngageVideo task closed 02/07/10
#316 RSS1 icon not available in members video folders/news listing ATEngageVideo task baiju closed 02/09/10
#327 Make tags box on step 2 approx half the width ATEngageVideo task mike closed 02/13/10
#329 Add padding to 3 step video publishing form CSS task baiju closed 02/14/10
#330 Hovering over non-linking text in step 2 of the publish form changes font shade ATEngageVideo task mike closed 02/14/10
#331 Clicking re-transcode gives no indication in the UI if the command has been sent ATEngageVideo task baiju closed 02/15/10
#332 Video thumbnail not linked to in rss2 feed ATEngageVideo task closed 02/15/10
#336 Modify video_listing_view in collections so it displays html/images ATEngageVideo task closed 02/15/10
#337 Add dashboard link back in top right nav SiteTools task mike closed 02/15/10
#340 Error - Can't Add Event Events task closed 02/22/10
#344 Vodcast button missing in folder listings ATEngageVideo task baiju closed 02/23/10
#347 Videos shown in separate tab in FF ATEngageVideo task closed 02/23/10
#349 Re-add in progress indicator ATEngageVideo task closed 02/23/10
#350 Bookmarks link reveals no bookmarks SocialSoftware task closed 02/23/10
#353 Can't Find Users SiteTools task closed 02/24/10
#356 Author page needs padding CSS task closed 03/12/10
#357 rss2 text appears twice in members video folders ATEngageVideo task closed 03/12/10
#358 Add padding to members folder ATEngageVideo task closed 03/13/10
#359 Add translation option no longer appears in news items ATEngageVideo task closed 03/14/10
#360 Send this, Add to favorites and Bookmarks links appear twice in news items ATEngageVideo task closed 03/14/10
#364 Autothumbnail creation appears to not be working ATEngageVideo task closed 03/16/10
#366 Transcoded video not available ATEngageVideo task closed 03/16/10
#323 Name of the transcode daemon's PID file should be configurable Transcoding enhancement closed 02/12/10
#342 "Latest Callouts" appears on empty author page AuthorProfile task baiju closed 02/23/10
#348 Logs for fresh install, and usage (includes problem reg. can't get ogg, mp4 streams) Documentation task closed 02/23/10
#386 Embed code not available in latest-v ATEngageVideo task closed 04/11/10
#377 Error on attempting to publish event to demo.plumi.org ATEngageVideo task closed 03/30/10
#374 "About Us", "Help", "Support Us", and "Get Involved" links return an error page PlumiSkin defect closed 03/19/10
#387 SVN and tarball differ Buildout defect andycat closed 04/12/10
#248 On Step 2, CC license "Choose License" link, when you hover, the mouse icon is a cursor instead of the default ATEngageVideo task closed 07/29/09
#373 Indonesian translated folders being loaded into left nav ATEngageVideo task closed 03/19/10
#375 Flash player is pushing down left hand side metadata DesignCSS task closed 03/26/10
#378 Remove right hand column on video/view pages ATEngageVideo task closed 03/30/10
#381 Add left navigation into author page ATEngageVideo task closed 03/30/10
#382 Auto extracted video thumbnail is not scaled to page ATEngageVideo task closed 03/30/10
#385 Content licensing API not available in step 2 ATEngageVideo task closed 04/11/10
#272 i18n translation machinary in plumi.app fails on installing on fresh plone site Translation defect vik closed 08/31/09
#88 GSXML import export functionality SiteTools task andycat closed 10/16/07
#214 Migration script for Plone 2.5/Plumi 0.2.x sites to Plone 3.x/Plumi 0.3.x sites PlumiVideoProduct task andycat closed 01/12/09
#242 Make plumiftp egg python 2.4 compatiable VideoUploading task closed 07/24/09
#269 Finalise plumi.migration egg issues and upload to pypi. PlumiVideoProduct task closed 08/26/09
#324 Unable to transcode a video Transcoding defect closed 02/12/10
#268 Integrate new transcoding system into Plumi Transcoding task closed 08/26/09
#274 Upgrade buildout to Plone 3.3.x Buildout task vik closed 10/30/09
#281 Move plumi buildout svn to the plone collective ATEngageVideo task closed 11/03/09
#286 Test and ensure all core functionality works ATEngageVideo task closed 12/06/09
#288 Make submit process into a three step form like before Design task dimo closed 12/29/09
#291 Insufficient Privileges to publish videos PlumiVideoProduct task closed 01/21/10
#301 Restore video/view page to previous style and increase flash player size Design task mike closed 01/28/10
#303 No rss2 button in members folders and RSS2 URL throws an error ATEngageVideo task baiju closed 01/28/10
#304 Latest/featured videos rss2 feed is empty Vodcasting task baiju closed 01/28/10
#306 New news/events/callout items should go into pending state on submission ATEngageVideo task closed 01/28/10
#313 Cannot click on Indonesia flag to switch languages ATEngageVideo task mike closed 02/07/10
#319 Flash player in featured video section on front page ATEngageVideo task closed 02/10/10
#328 Flash player not set to progressive download ATEngageVideo task closed 02/13/10
#334 Package and post beta2 release to plone.org ATEngageVideo task closed 02/15/10
#317 Error on Publishing Video plone3 defect baiju closed 02/09/10
#320 Transcoding doesn't work for filenames containing spaces Transcoding defect dimo closed 02/10/10
#263 RSS2 not working SocialSoftware task baiju closed 08/26/09
#338 Can't Publish a Callout plone3 defect closed 02/17/10
#339 Static Pages Created as Private plone3 defect closed 02/17/10
#179 Video Listings - put video duration under summary, not above PlumiSkin task baiju closed 09/22/08
#235 Emails to Content Producers and Reviewers SiteTools task baiju closed 06/01/09
#243 Fix plumi.content doctests PlumiVideoProduct task dimo closed 07/26/09
#264 Video downloading doesn't work plone3 task vik closed 08/26/09
#265 content licensing API ContentLicensing task andycat closed 08/26/09
#267 events posting categories display error Events task andycat closed 08/26/09
#276 translation submission throws insufficient priviledges error Translation task closed 10/31/09
#277 publishing video breaks frontpage video display ATEngageVideo task closed 10/31/09
#279 after using translation option, cannot reset user language to english Translation task closed 10/31/09
#287 Embedded playback not working in plumi 3 EmbeddedPlayback task closed 12/07/09
#292 Remove review list portlet from right hand side for logged in manager/reviewer PlumiSkin task closed 01/28/10
#294 Author page does not have video listing template display AuthorProfile task mike closed 01/28/10
#295 List only videos/news/events and callouts on author page ATEngageVideo task baiju closed 01/28/10
#296 Make tag cloud appear in right nav by default on install SocialSoftware task closed 01/28/10
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