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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#154 Plumi-0.2 breaks Plone ATEngageVideo defect andycat closed 02/09/08
#164 No embedded display of file after being uploaded VideoUploading 2.0 defect andycat closed 05/22/08
#172 TracWiki link broken Transcoding defect andycat closed 08/06/08
#174 help installing Documentation defect datakid closed 08/31/08
#189 "Plone Site" fails with trunk SiteTools defect andycat closed 11/03/08
#191 run_indytube doesn't start Transcoding defect andycat closed 11/04/08
#925 buildout fails Buildout defect closed 06/16/13
#1 No support for Ogg ? component1 task somebody closed 05/08/07
#59 Can't install ATVideo ATEngageVideo task andycat closed 08/30/07
#103 Plumi (or Plone) change the id of the object after editing it ATEngageVideo task andycat closed 10/30/07
#177 OperationalError: database is locked ATEngageVideo task andycat closed 09/19/08
#275 social network buttons displaying twice ATEngageVideo task closed 10/31/09
#352 Testing new ticket creation by anonymous ATEngageVideo task closed 02/24/10
#700 What Are the Benefits of Starting My Own Booth Rental Salon? Architecture task closed 02/01/12
#875 Website URL incorrect - Video View Architecture task closed 01/23/13
#924 Installation instructions are terrible to follow Architecture task closed 06/13/13
#176 Tag Cloud Explorer 404 SiteTools defect andy closed 09/11/08
#194 RSS2 problem for events SiteTools enhancement andycat closed 11/09/08

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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#51 TypeError at frontpage with fresh ATVideo + PlumiSkin installation PlumiSkin defect andycat closed 07/19/07
#42 UnicodeDecodeError in ATVideo/Extensions/AppInstall ATVideo task davo closed 07/11/07
#46 Server Requirements for installing Plumi? Documentation task andycat closed 07/11/07
#52 ATMediaFile import failure ATEngageVideo task andycat closed 07/20/07
#3 Add filesize data into the catalog index component1 defect andycat closed 07/04/07
#95 rss2 feeds times-out in miro/itunes/firefox Vodcasting defect andycat closed 10/22/07
#4 Set up Plumi Trac to send mails to discuss list when tickets are added/modified component1 task datakid closed 07/04/07
#142 Pick out exceptions from EngageMedia's site running 0.2rc3 ATEngageVideo task andycat closed 01/03/08
#12 Set up mail accounts for plumi.org News defect datakid closed 07/04/07
#112 can´t access plone after installing plumi from svn PlumiSkin defect andycat closed 11/10/07
#61 enhanced comment functionality and moderation SocialSoftware task andycat closed 09/09/07
#66 Callouts Content Item SocialSoftware task andycat closed 09/13/07
#94 Upgrade to 2.5.4 ATEngageVideo task andycat closed 10/22/07
#98 RSS1 Links to Video File Instead of Video_View Page ATEngageVideo task andycat closed 10/24/07
#110 apply security hotfix ATEngageVideo task andycat closed 11/07/07
#13 Add a "PlumiPowered" chiclet to footer of page DesignCSS defect andycat closed 07/04/07
#57 fullscreen unavailable with plone PlumiSkin defect andycat closed 08/07/07
#105 Callouts Called "Call for Submissions" in Various Places SocialSoftware defect andycat closed 11/02/07
#144 PressRoom fails to install ATEngageVideo defect andycat closed 01/14/08
#6 Update extenals.txt component1 enhancement somebody closed 07/04/07
#14 Download button on video_view template - change text to "Download Hi-Res / Screening Version" ATVideo enhancement anna closed 07/04/07
#45 make image thumbs links ATEngageVideo enhancement andycat closed 07/11/07
#67 Add Support for Transcoding From '.m4v','.ogm','.ogg','.divx','.flv' Transcoding enhancement andycat closed 09/14/07
#69 Add "call for submissions" link, icon and text into /publish page and login_success SocialSoftware enhancement andycat closed 09/18/07
#101 Rewriting of ATEngageVideo index_html - Plumi homepage ATEngageVideo 1.0 enhancement trollfot closed 10/29/07
#5 Investigate creating a Plumi buildout using Ploneout ProductionTools task andycat closed 07/04/07
#44 Make image on latest videos + author page a link to the associated video DesignCSS task andycat closed 07/11/07
#48 fav.ico DesignCSS task keren closed 07/14/07
#49 Wrap description text around flash player DesignCSS task andycat closed 07/14/07
#50 Add a class to tags header in portlet PlumiSkin task andycat closed 07/14/07
#80 New users dont have 'listed' property set to True ATEngageVideo task andycat closed 09/21/07
#83 Upgrade to latest version of ContentLicensing (1.0.5 rc 2) ATEngageVideo task andycat closed 10/11/07
#86 Replace TagCloudExplorer with other products ATEngageVideo task andycat closed 10/16/07
#99 2.5.4 upgrade CSS issues CSS task trollfot closed 10/25/07
#117 Make video_listing_view available as a view option PlumiSkin task trollfot closed 11/15/07
#135 Upgrade to 2.5.5 ATEngageVideo task andycat closed 12/12/07
#137 Callouts categories folders have 'video_listing_view' applied to them, which breaks ATEngageVideo task andycat closed 12/20/07
#138 PlumiSkin browser view bug ATEngageVideo task andycat closed 12/20/07
#140 callouts/video/events/news folders have no name in left nav when a new member signs up ATEngageVideo task datakid closed 12/20/07
#38 Thumnails don't align with titles in latest videos on front/author pages DesignCSS defect andycat closed 07/08/07
#107 Tag Cloud Portlet Font Size Too Large SocialSoftware enhancement andycat closed 11/05/07
#62 Change alt-text on Plumi chiclet PlumiSkin task andycat closed 09/12/07
#106 Add "Other" Category to Call Outs SocialSoftware task andycat closed 11/02/07
#146 documentation build debian package Documentation task andycat closed 01/26/08
#17 Video upload progress indicator ATEngageVideo feature andycat closed 07/04/07
#183 Make Re-Transcode Messages on Video View Template Available Only to Managers ATEngageVideo enhancement andycat closed 10/15/08
#108 Add the ability to include the flash player of the featured video item on index_html. PlumiSkin task andycat closed 11/06/07
#178 Make Workflow Consistent - Make All Content Pending on Save PlumiSkin task andycat closed 09/19/08
#180 Add country to video listing template ATEngageVideo task andycat closed 09/22/08
#182 TX Metadata - review and release ATEngageVideo task and closed 09/30/08
#65 Make Thumbnail Splash Image with Button Overlay on Flash Player Transcoding enhancement andycat closed 09/13/07
#197 Too many emails sent to reviewers, when news or events content item published. PlumiSkin defect andycat closed 11/18/08
#205 Can't Add or Edit Callouts - Error on Saving a New Callout or Editing an Existing Callout SocialSoftware defect andycat closed 12/04/08
#201 Assertion error in plumi buildout on Ubuntu ProductionTools defect andycat closed 11/25/08
#202 "News" Genre Not Available in Video Edit Template Taxonomy defect andycat closed 12/01/08
#203 Spelling Mistake in Step 3 of Video Edit Form ATEngageVideo defect andycat closed 12/01/08
#204 Indytube doesnt work with the videos with the same name, but different file extensions Transcoding defect andycat closed 12/03/08
#198 FLV transcoding ATEngageVideo enhancement andycat closed 11/18/08
#200 Add International Videos Portlet - front page PlumiSkin task andycat closed 11/25/08
#217 Testing SiteTools task datakid closed 01/19/09
#196 template.include.cortado EmbeddedPlayback defect andycat closed 11/10/08
#224 plumi-0.2 gets broken ATCountryWidget from svn PlumiVideoProduct defect andycat closed 03/05/09
#193 RSS charset problem SiteTools enhancement andycat closed 11/09/08
#199 new CallOut URL attribute is displayed in template even if nothing was entered in url field ATEngageVideo task andycat closed 11/18/08
#195 don't show rss feed on events and news SiteTools enhancement andycat closed 11/10/08
#171 large time on wa (waiting io) ATVideo task andycat closed 07/23/08
#273 Cyberduck (OSX) not working with Plumi FTP ATEngageVideo task pabs closed 10/14/09
#282 html5 video tag support ATEngageVideo task closed 11/03/09
#31 Design a Plone 3 buildout for Plumi 0.3 plone3 feature andycat closed 07/05/07
#167 Create Plone 3 development instance plone3 task andycat closed 07/08/08
#260 No thumbnail images on front page for featured/latest videos PlumiVideoProduct task closed 07/30/09
#220 Remove Line Break from Indytube template - <object> tag EmbeddedPlayback defect andycat closed 01/22/09
#228 Taxonomy not working for browsing Taxonomy defect andycat closed 04/01/09
#170 Updating the Plumi installation process by creating a generic setup profile plone3 task trollfot closed 07/08/08
#223 buildout pulls trunk of ATCountryWidget plone3 defect andycat closed 03/04/09
#227 Fix submit form back to three-step process PlumiVideoProduct defect vik closed 04/01/09
#229 Licensing broken in upload form ContentLicensing defect andycat closed 04/01/09
#230 Publish and Browse portlets need login handling PlumiSkin defect vik closed 04/01/09
#231 Need to enable user folders by default plone3 defect vik closed 04/01/09
#240 Plumi 0.3 alpha release to fix PlumiVideoProduct enhancement andycat closed 07/21/09
#85 Upgrade to ContentLicensing Plone 3 branch plone3 task andycat closed 10/16/07
#136 Test plone.app.blob with latest buildout plone3 1.0 task andycat closed 12/19/07
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