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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#601 Add blog posts listing to author page Architecture task dave assigned 01/28/11
#792 Use CC Search Template Search feature new 08/30/12
#471 Update Indonesian translation based on new design Translation task new 10/28/10
#640 Check install docs are in-sync Documentation task anna new 05/08/11
#978 Check/fix Buildout Buildout task new 07/09/14
#991 Test Plumi Installer / Buildout on Latest Stable Debian Release - fix any errors so it will install and run Architecture task new 04/27/15
#608 comments rss returns an insufficient priviledges error Architecture defect new 02/10/11
#984 Show More Button links to http://mgogoulos.plumi.org/++theme++plumi.skin/ PlumiEMSkin defect yiannis new 10/08/14
#391 Create iTunes compatible vodcast feed ATEngageVideo task new 04/21/10
#433 Favourites folder defaults to private state - should be public PlumiSkin task new 08/09/10
#466 Social Networking Integration Spec Research task engagemedia new 10/26/10
#477 Add ability to subscribe/follow other users videos AuthorProfile task new 10/29/10
#497 Availability of transcoded content should correspond to Plone content states AuthorProfile task new 11/16/10
#764 Tagcloud Refactoring Refactoring task new 06/29/12
#801 FTP notification system - if system goes down VideoUploading task new 09/24/12
#879 Security Architecture task new 04/02/13
#926 Update Plumi to Plone 4.3.1 Architecture task new 07/12/13
#980 Tag Code as 4.5.2 and update demo.plumi.org and engagemedia.org ReleaseManagement task new 10/03/14
#992 502 timing out on publishing video due to email notifications PlumiVideoProduct task new 05/20/15
#775 RSS2 Vodcast Issues Vodcasting defect new 07/24/12
#933 System information leak when JavaScript disabled PlumiSkin defect yiannis new 08/09/13
#935 Password reset form sends bad link Events defect new 08/12/13
#362 Allow mixed content languages (?) Translation enhancement new 03/15/10
#784 Expose ability to change iframe embed sizes EmbeddedPlayback enhancement new 08/23/12
#849 Ability to Feature Collections PlumiVideoProduct enhancement new 11/02/12
#389 Customise banner for collections Design feature new 04/15/10
#392 Progress bar for transcoding Transcoding feature new 04/21/10
#859 Improve Audio Feature Integration & Implement in Folders, Skin Etc. Audio feature new 11/15/12
#414 Validate template (.pt) with i18ndude tool PlumiSkin task new 07/06/10
#420 Related videos AuthorProfile task new 07/20/10
#542 Plumi Content Types > Schema Extenders Refactoring task new 12/11/10
#577 Insert Dates & Settings Tabs PlumiSkin task dave new 01/13/11
#578 Restrict Addable Item Types on Folders PlumiSkin task new 01/18/11
#589 Pop-Up Help - Insert into Forms PlumiSkin task new 01/24/11
#591 email notification to user on successful FTP upload of video VideoUploading task new 01/24/11
#595 Create Configlet for Plumi Options Refactoring task new 01/26/11
#597 Update Indonesian version of Plumi manual for plone 4 and booki system Documentation task yerry new 01/27/11
#613 create a plumi.portlets egg and transfer all the portlets there Architecture task new 02/15/11
#615 Listing order in folders vs feeds differs Vodcasting task new 02/17/11
#616 Rss feed has name of site, should be name of the user Vodcasting task new 02/17/11
#619 Location in author page doesn't show when switching to Indonesian AuthorProfile task new 02/24/11
#633 Lookup for most viewed and downloaded videos Architecture task new 04/05/11
#635 add Plumi to transifex for translation Architecture task new 04/16/11
#644 Ability to display latest tweets about a video SocialSoftware task new 05/28/11
#646 Open ID + other login support Architecture task new 06/28/11
#715 Upload API VideoUploading task new 02/27/12
#725 Logo Doesn't Appear in FB Embed EmbeddedPlayback task new 04/03/12
#765 Multiple Video Language Selection PlumiVideoProduct task new 06/29/12
#787 Popcorn Integration EmbeddedPlayback task new 08/29/12
#789 Review of Video Platforms ReleaseManagement task new 08/29/12
#799 160 characters UI Feedback - Short Summary on Video Publish Form VideoUploading task new 08/30/12
#807 No download button on videos when viewing on android 4.1.1 Architecture task new 10/17/12
#827 Ratings Disappeared - re-instate or alternative SocialSoftware task new 11/02/12
#836 Translated Items Appearing in Footer Translation task new 11/02/12
#866 Browse / Publish Buttons Missing - Search Results & Taxonomy PlumiSkin task yiannis new 11/30/12
#929 Facebook Embed - Pause and Volume Buttons Don't Work EmbeddedPlayback task new 07/17/13
#936 video.py fix author contact link bug 18 days ago AuthorProfile task new 08/12/13
#979 Update mediaelement.js VideoPlayer task new 07/09/14
#986 Remove Nginx? Architecture task new 12/12/14
#987 Loading Animation Plays on Some Browsers VideoPlayer task new 12/16/14
#989 External Videos Feature 2.0 Improvements VideoUploading task new 12/23/14
#990 Large Uploads with Apache Architecture task new 04/09/15
#993 Get Plumi running again on Ubuntu (staging.engagemedia.org) Architecture task new 09/02/15
#561 Copyright footer lists all videos as 2009 - should correspond to date of release ContentLicensing enhancement new 01/05/11
#625 Unit and functional tests for plumi.app & plumi.content Architecture enhancement new 03/10/11
#833 Re do banner and make tagline font larger Architecture enhancement new 11/02/12
#793 Channels Feature SocialSoftware feature new 08/30/12
#794 Playlists Feature EmbeddedPlayback feature new 08/30/12
#527 Remove Callouts from Plumi Refactoring task new 12/01/10
#796 Video Player - File Sizes for Transcoded Video Files VideoPlayer task new 08/30/12
#865 Part of User Groups Prefs Cut Off PlumiEMSkin defect yiannis new 11/30/12
#825 Author Page Styling & Template Fixes PlumiEMSkin defect mike reopened 11/02/12
#464 REVAMPED TEMPLATE - Author / Profile Page Templates enhancement anna reopened 10/26/10
#812 Member Folder Design Changes PlumiSkin enhancement Yiannis reopened 11/01/12
#404 PloneFTP should not run as root VideoUploading task reopened 05/19/10
#648 CC license API has no juristiction option ContentLicensing task reopened 07/17/11
#831 Remove Large Magnifying Glass Icon in Search Bar on Firefox PlumiEMSkin enhancement yiannis reopened 11/02/12
#20 Productions Content Item SocialSoftware feature new 07/05/07
#34 Ability to add videos from other sites PlumiVideoProduct feature new 07/05/07
#208 Translate Plumi to Malaysian Translation task new 12/24/08
#43 Festivals / Compilations Content Items ProductionTools feature new 07/11/07
#72 Spec Out Fundraising & Micro Payments ECommerce feature new 09/21/07
#251 Design an admin area for managing content PlumiVideoProduct feature new 07/29/09
#74 E-Commerce and Shopping Cart for DVD/Tape Distro ECommerce task new 09/21/07
#209 Translate Plumi to Tagalog Translation task new 12/24/08
#210 Translate Plumi to Mandarin ATEngageVideo task new 12/24/08
#222 Remove Action - Renaming Video Item - When in Pending/Published State ATEngageVideo task new 03/03/09
#9 Torrent Tracker Page BitTorrent feature new 07/04/07
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