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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#268 Integrate new transcoding system into Plumi task blocker Transcoding --
#274 Upgrade buildout to Plone 3.3.x vik task blocker Buildout --
#281 Move plumi buildout svn to the plone collective task blocker ATEngageVideo --
#286 Test and ensure all core functionality works task blocker ATEngageVideo --
#288 Make submit process into a three step form like before dimo task blocker Design --
#291 Insufficient Privileges to publish videos task blocker PlumiVideoProduct --
#301 Restore video/view page to previous style and increase flash player size mike task blocker Design --
#303 No rss2 button in members folders and RSS2 URL throws an error baiju task blocker ATEngageVideo --
#304 Latest/featured videos rss2 feed is empty baiju task blocker Vodcasting --
#306 New news/events/callout items should go into pending state on submission task blocker ATEngageVideo --
#313 Cannot click on Indonesia flag to switch languages mike task blocker ATEngageVideo --
#319 Flash player in featured video section on front page task blocker ATEngageVideo --
#328 Flash player not set to progressive download task blocker ATEngageVideo --
#334 Package and post beta2 release to task blocker ATEngageVideo --
#263 RSS2 not working baiju task critical SocialSoftware --
#320 Transcoding doesn't work for filenames containing spaces dimo defect critical Transcoding --
#179 Video Listings - put video duration under summary, not above baiju task major PlumiSkin --
#235 Emails to Content Producers and Reviewers baiju task major SiteTools --
#243 Fix plumi.content doctests dimo task major PlumiVideoProduct --
#264 Video downloading doesn't work vik task major plone3 --
#265 content licensing API andycat task major ContentLicensing --
#276 translation submission throws insufficient priviledges error task major Translation --
#287 Embedded playback not working in plumi 3 task major EmbeddedPlayback --
#292 Remove review list portlet from right hand side for logged in manager/reviewer task major PlumiSkin --
#294 Author page does not have video listing template display mike task major AuthorProfile --
#295 List only videos/news/events and callouts on author page baiju task major ATEngageVideo --
#296 Make tag cloud appear in right nav by default on install task major SocialSoftware --
#297 Keywords/tag box on step 2 of publish for should be text based field mike task major ATEngageVideo --
#298 Language selection should defualt to language neutral on video publish form task major ATEngageVideo --
#299 Remove Malay as a language option task major Translation --
#300 Restore video listing templates to previous style. baiju task major ATEngageVideo --
#302 RSS1 has error in members video folder + no icon available task major ATEngageVideo --
#305 Deffault install should have site name Plumi 3.0 not 0.3 task major PlumiSkin --
#307 Comment notifications not being sent task major ATEngageVideo --
#308 Restore link to author page in top right nav of page mike task major ATEngageVideo --
#309 FTP not activate in Plumi 3.0 task major ATEngageVideo --
#311 Add navigation back in to left nav on front page task major Design --
#335 Add blog post to announcing new release, listing changes + calling for testers and task major ATEngageVideo --
#285 Integrate new design mike task minor DesignCSS --
#310 Add plumi chiclet to footer as per task minor Design --
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