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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#207 Translate Plumi to Indonesian vik task blocker Translation --
#333 Test and ensure all core functionality works task blocker plone3 --
#368 Flash player is squashing video task critical ATEngageVideo --
#266 add to favourites vik task major SiteTools --
#293 Configure lingua plone to display default content if the selected language is not available task major Translation --
#314 Upgrade buildout to Plone 3.3.4 before release task major ATEngageVideo --
#316 RSS1 icon not available in members video folders/news listing baiju task major ATEngageVideo --
#327 Make tags box on step 2 approx half the width mike task major ATEngageVideo --
#329 Add padding to 3 step video publishing form baiju task major CSS --
#330 Hovering over non-linking text in step 2 of the publish form changes font shade mike task major ATEngageVideo --
#331 Clicking re-transcode gives no indication in the UI if the command has been sent baiju task major ATEngageVideo --
#332 Video thumbnail not linked to in rss2 feed task major ATEngageVideo --
#336 Modify video_listing_view in collections so it displays html/images task major ATEngageVideo --
#337 Add dashboard link back in top right nav mike task major SiteTools --
#340 Error - Can't Add Event -- task major Events --
#341 scripts have hardcoded interpreter -- defect major Transcoding --
#344 Vodcast button missing in folder listings baiju task major ATEngageVideo --
#346 RSS2 not working in iTunes (mac os 10.6.2, iTunes 9.0.3) baiju defect major Vodcasting --
#349 Re-add in progress indicator task major ATEngageVideo --
#350 Bookmarks link reveals no bookmarks task major SocialSoftware --
#353 Can't Find Users task major SiteTools --
#354 Review List tab doesn't show for user with Reviewer role defect major PlumiSkin --
#355 3.0-beta2 transcode "DOWNLOAD" step broken when using Apache -- defect major Transcoding --
#356 Author page needs padding task major CSS --
#357 rss2 text appears twice in members video folders task major ATEngageVideo --
#358 Add padding to members folder task major ATEngageVideo --
#359 Add translation option no longer appears in news items task major ATEngageVideo --
#360 Send this, Add to favorites and Bookmarks links appear twice in news items task major ATEngageVideo --
#364 Autothumbnail creation appears to not be working task major ATEngageVideo --
#323 Name of the transcode daemon's PID file should be configurable enhancement minor Transcoding --
#342 "Latest Callouts" appears on empty author page baiju task minor AuthorProfile --
#348 Logs for fresh install, and usage (includes problem reg. can't get ogg, mp4 streams) -- task minor Documentation --
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