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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#520 Update Plumi manual to reflect 3.1.1 changes task major AuthorProfile --
#455 Update to 3.1.1-final task major Buildout --
#450 Cannot change author of video item task major PlumiVideoProduct --
#443 Videos frequently not picked up by Transcode.Daemon for transcoding task blocker Transcoding --
#442 Replace images in EditContent section task major Documentation --
#439 Adding Plumi embed code to wordpress blog or drupal adds cruft and doesn't work task blocker AuthorProfile --
#438 Change comments ordering to reverse chronological task blocker Commenting --
#437 Remove language option in step 2 of upload form task blocker AuthorProfile --
#435 Video listings, member video folders and rss1/2 feeds not in reverse chronological order enhancement blocker Vodcasting --
#419 Enhance bookmarks button task blocker SocialSoftware --
#417 Add delete hooks to delete transcoded versions of videos that have been deleted task blocker AuthorProfile --
#412 Some indonesian pages in FlossManual missing images task major Documentation --
#401 Comments portlet not showing up in task major SocialSoftware --

Resolution: invalid (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#459 New featured event doesn't appear in featured section task major Events --
#457 Move video progress upload indicator msg to centre of page task major AuthorProfile --

Resolution: wontfix (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#467 ZODB.POSException.ConflictError task blocker VideoUploading --
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