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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#168 Create namespace for plumi products trollfot task critical plone3 --
#169 Create plone 3 plumi standalone skin product trollfot task critical plone3 --
#150 rss2 broken in itunes andycat task blocker Vodcasting --
#187 Stable upload for large files andycat enhancement minor VideoUploading --
#388 Do not allow Plumi to accept BMP format thumbnails defect major VideoUploading --
#325 Enable Translation of Video metadata task major Translation --
#367 Translate /publish page to Indonesian task blocker Translation --
#188 indytube: No section: 'mencoder' andycat defect major Transcoding --
#425 Thumbnails not being generated defect major Transcoding --
#426 Change flowplayer size to 400x300 task blocker Transcoding --
#186 Use default countries available in Plone, rather than SE Asia only baiju task minor Taxonomy --
#29 Genre, Topic and Country, Activities and Format Interests in Author Page Should Link to a List of Authors with Same Interests andycat feature major SocialSoftware --
#145 Callouts items should be removed from the front page once the due date is up pushpa task major SocialSoftware --
#312 Add member look ups by country and language baiju task major SocialSoftware --
#280 html switch in editor only works once defect major SiteTools --
#143 Add ability to feature a call out andycat task major ProductionTools --
#258 Put related items functionality back into video objects task major PlumiVideoProduct --
#397 Videos should appear in listings based on date of first publication task blocker PlumiVideoProduct --
#422 Change date stamp in video listings to be the "effective date" task major PlumiVideoProduct --
#436 Update demo.plumi to 3.1-final task major PlumiVideoProduct --
#131 Put the favicon into the default plumi skin andycat task trivial PlumiSkin --
#149 featured event adds text place holder when there is no image andycat task major PlumiSkin --
#152 Only published Videos visible in Member's Video Folders pushpa task critical PlumiSkin --
#415 Enlarge size of download links in video/view page task major PlumiSkin --
#247 Ability to add upload image in news report as a single step task major News --
#416 "Read more" link on featured news/events task major News --
#190 bug in flowplayer 2.2.4 andycat defect minor EmbeddedPlayback --
#15 add FAQ doc file andycat enhancement major Documentation --
#36 Shorten text area for Tags in step 2 of video upload form andycat defect critical DesignCSS --
#84 Design Plumi Wordpress keren task critical DesignCSS --
#116 Redesign the Callout template task critical Design --
#244 Release buildout project via collective.releaser andycat task major Buildout --
#424 Upgrade to 3.1 task major Buildout --
#64 Add News and Events Listings on Author Page andycat task major AuthorProfile --
#318 Published call outs don't appear in the author page listing baiju task major AuthorProfile --
#398 Create new "Featured" state for workflow task critical AuthorProfile --
#402 Front page RSS feed links to random front page content task trivial AuthorProfile --
#403 Member video's RSS feed needs a filter like RSS2 feed does task major AuthorProfile --
#408 Videos triggering retranscode after editing metadata defect critical AuthorProfile --
#409 Users look up for non-logged in users returns no results defect blocker AuthorProfile --
#410 Add "processing" state to workflow with listing task major AuthorProfile --
#413 Add callout portlet to right nav task major AuthorProfile --
#423 Feature/Latest videos rss2 throws error task major AuthorProfile --
#430 Insufficient Priviligedes error going to pages in task major AuthorProfile --
#26 Managers Make Any Items Private - Content Pulling Made Easy andycat feature critical ATVideo --
#96 plumi doesn't play flv files using vpip keyword andycat task major ATEngageVideo --
#113 add "news report" as a genre in the genres taxonomy andycat task critical ATEngageVideo --
#256 In browse videos template specify the no. of videos in each listing task major ATEngageVideo --
#284 make "date of production" go back to 1960 task major ATEngageVideo --
#326 Use thumbnailimage_large for splash image for flash player task major ATEngageVideo --
#361 Place language/location options under Country in step 2 task minor ATEngageVideo --
#365 Page margins go over edge of borders task major ATEngageVideo --
#380 Place logout link at the far right task major ATEngageVideo --

Resolution: invalid (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#141 Review internationlisation of products, ATVideo/PlumiSkin etc andycat task major Translation --
#370 Add buffer on flash player task major Transcoding --
#100 Add class .videoitemtop to catagory and location item in callouts template andycat task major ProductionTools --
#212 Can't Delete Videos, in Plumi 0.2.x and defect blocker PlumiVideoProduct --
#249 Embedding a video from in a news item doesn't work in Plumi 03.-alpha-1 task major News --
#163 vpip still don't work andycat defect major EmbeddedPlayback --
#39 Description should wrap around flash player in video/view page andycat task critical DesignCSS --
#427 Featuring a news item removes it from the news listing task major AuthorProfile --
#428 Featuring an event removes it from the events listing and it doesn't show up in the centre column task blocker AuthorProfile --

Resolution: wontfix (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#185 Add Blog Product andycat feature major SocialSoftware --
#173 AttributeError: REQUEST andycat defect minor ContentLicensing --
#41 Test Software Using Selenium andycat task trivial ATEngageVideo --
#63 Change Video View Template to Offer Small Ogg Download "Download Lo-Res Ogg Version" andycat task minor ATEngageVideo --

Resolution: duplicate (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#234 Add hit counter for videos enhancement minor SiteTools --
#23 Modify video upload form to be based on transmission metadata standard and feature major ATVideo --
#77 Ratings andycat task major ATEngageVideo --
#87 Upgrade using to BlobField for video product. andycat task major ATEngageVideo --
#102 Plumi doesn't handle big files well andycat task major ATEngageVideo --
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