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#248 On Step 2, CC license "Choose License" link, when you hover, the mouse icon is a cursor instead of the default task major ATEngageVideo --
#373 Indonesian translated folders being loaded into left nav task major ATEngageVideo --
#374 "About Us", "Help", "Support Us", and "Get Involved" links return an error page defect major PlumiSkin --
#377 Error on attempting to publish event to task critical ATEngageVideo --
#378 Remove right hand column on video/view pages task major ATEngageVideo --
#381 Add left navigation into author page task major ATEngageVideo --
#382 Auto extracted video thumbnail is not scaled to page task major ATEngageVideo --
#385 Content licensing API not available in step 2 task major ATEngageVideo --
#386 Embed code not available in latest-v task blocker ATEngageVideo --
#387 SVN and tarball differ andycat defect major Buildout --

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#375 Flash player is pushing down left hand side metadata task major DesignCSS --
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