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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#132 enable the ability to upload a transcript, aka subtitle, and make it translatable task major Translation --
#363 plumiftp buildout recipe enhancement major VideoUploading --
#724 Image Loading Delay in Video Player task major EmbeddedPlayback New Ticket
#779 Duration Metadata Not Consistently Extracted task major Transcoding New Ticket
#407 Cannot access ownership tab in video objects task trivial PlumiVideoProduct --

Resolution: invalid (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#11 Comment in info section of torrent file back to video view page defect major BitTorrent --
#16 adding bittorent as a product to plone andycat task major BitTorrent --
#30 Investigate and test p4a portfolio product for possible inclusion andycat task major AuthorProfile --
#73 Contact Tab in Author Page task major AuthorProfile --
#79 New Author Page / Workspace task major AuthorProfile --
#114 Enhance indytube to produce audio only streams, as well as thumbnails andycat feature major Transcoding --
#148 validate RSS2 feed / implement Tx metadata / fix in Safari, iTunes andycat enhancement major Vodcasting --
#213 Implement Firefogg support andycat task major VideoUploading --
#129 Improve flash html code to be more compliant and cross browser andycat task minor EmbeddedPlayback --

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#624 Display country list by continent task blocker Architecture --
#18 New Feature - Playlists feature major EmbeddedPlayback New Ticket
#40 Add captions/subtitles to uploaded videos enhancement major EmbeddedPlayback --
#259 Increase ease of adding additional files/links to video objects task major ATEngageVideo --
#473 Integrate more elegant captcha system task major AuthorProfile --
#278 Faceted Search with multimedia features -- feature minor Search New Ticket
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