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#72 Spec Out Fundraising & Micro Payments new feature major 4.7 New Ticket 8 years

Reported by anna, 8 years ago.


Investigate methods for implementing donations system for producers/contributors to the site for their future productions.

Some areas to look at:

It's similar to, but the plugin is lets the creator theme the widget, it automatically generates a list of donors, it sets up for automatically monthly donations, and its open source.

We may be able to use Pledge Drive in Plumi..

#43 Festivals / Compilations Content Items new feature major 4.9 -- 8 years

Reported by anonymous, 8 years ago.


Add a "Festivals" content type into Plumi.

This would have these fields:

  • Festival Name
  • Description
  • Locations (can add as many as necessary) - sub-field of Date Range for each location
  • Videos (either Video objects, or simply Name, Description, Year * * Produced for those not uploaded to the site)
  • Submissions - this needs to be fleshed out, but objects generated by an online form filled out by members.. members can upload a video and submit it to various festivals for approval

Each Festival would generate it's own RSS2 Vodcast.

This ticket needs further discussion.

#34 Ability to add videos from other sites new feature critical 4.5.2 New Ticket 8 years

Reported by and, 8 years ago.


User Story

Create the ability to take videos from Vimeo, YouTube? and add them to a Plumi site.

This will enable broader sharing of content. Videomakers will not have to re-upload their video to another site (the Plumi site) if they have already done so elsewhere. It will also allow site editors to curate content from other sites into a Plumi site.

  • external videos offered as similar UX to publishing ordinary videos, but instead of uploading a video the user can add a link / embed code from Vimeo, Youtube or other site
  • ability to list external videos within all the usual listings throughout the site, but also separately from normal videos on the site if we choose (not sure yet in which listings we need to differentiate them, we should just have this ability if needed)

Video Publish Form - UI

The place to change HTML etc. for buttons in in plumi.content


  1. Ensure videos appear in listings throughout the site as consistent with uploaded videos - titles, thumbnails, duration etc.



  1. this video view page needs formatting correctly as per other videos:

  1. apply plumi_workflow as per normally uploaded videos - put it in the profile - check and copy across anything else from profile including the views
  1. error validation - no message on short summary, brings you back to the buttons not to the page itself (see comment/screenshot)
  1. move thumbnail attachment to underneath add video file - and add the red dot for required field (even if it is not *actually* required). Change helper text ONLY FOR EXTERNAL VIDEOS to say "Add a thumbnail image for this video".
#20 Productions Content Item new feature critical 4.9 -- 8 years

Reported by anonymous, 8 years ago.


Develop a content item for productions improve collaborative tools on EM.

This will be a collaborative tool to allow producers to announce new productions. Members could add a Production, then other members could contact that Member through the Production/view template Contact form to get involved and collaborate.

This can also be a fundraising for those upcoming productions.

Investigate the use of the flash widget ChipIn?? for integration or simply inspiration for a fundraising tool for filmmakers to make new productions.

A user could add a "Production" and then extend that object by linking to their account on ChipIn?? or something similar, which would then display their fundraising goal and how much further they have to reach it next to the description of what their production is about.

Also good for people to promote the productions they are involved in. Should be listed in Member Workspace i.e. "My Productions"


  • title
  • description
  • body
  • image
  • pdf/doc - further information / project brief
  • ChipIn/PayPal? widget/button
  • crewlist - writer, producer, director, editor, camera, sound, FX (or better yet - create custom fields as these roles differ greatly dependent on the production)
  • Plumi Members involved
  • email list
  • email contact address
  • website

We could add additional info like location, required format, submissions due by etc. but i suggest we build a first version that is really simple and get it out there and build upon that.

Further development could also allow people to create their own submission form on the site. ie so people could submit their films through a Plumi site.

#9 Torrent Tracker Page new feature minor 4.9 -- 8 years

Reported by and, 8 years ago.


A page listing all the torrents on the site with the no. of seeders, downloaders, all with a nice skin.

One example might be <> in terms of metadata, but it is a tad ugly.

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