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#34 Ability to add videos from other sites new feature critical 4.5.3 New Ticket 10 years

Reported by and, 10 years ago.


User Story

Create the ability to take videos from Vimeo, YouTube? and add them to a Plumi site.

This will enable broader sharing of content. Videomakers will not have to re-upload their video to another site (the Plumi site) if they have already done so elsewhere. It will also allow site editors to curate content from other sites into a Plumi site.

  • external videos offered as similar UX to publishing ordinary videos, but instead of uploading a video the user can add a link / embed code from Vimeo, Youtube or other site
  • ability to list external videos within all the usual listings throughout the site, but also separately from normal videos on the site if we choose (not sure yet in which listings we need to differentiate them, we should just have this ability if needed)

Video Publish Form - UI

The place to change HTML etc. for buttons in in plumi.content


  1. error validation - no message on short summary, brings you back to the buttons not to the page itself . Some validation errors don't create an 'Error:' box. Currently, the publish form needs that error box to detect that the form has been posted once and so to hide the big 'Upload' and 'Paste Link' buttons and show the form instead when the page loads. I've fixed three of these but apparently adding too much text to the summary creates an error that doesn't trigger the error box (there is just a red outline around the relevant field). Two possible resolutions: (1) fix the fields with non-standard validation behaviours, or (2) find a more robust way of letting javascript know the form has errors (eg. render something hidden) .. or both ideally.

this is inconvenient/confusing in some circumstances but probably not critical

  1. move thumbnail attachment to underneath add video file - and add the red dot for required field (even if it is not *actually* required). Change helper text ONLY FOR EXTERNAL VIDEOS to say "Add a thumbnail image for this video".


  1. issue with other videos by this author - broken image is displayed where the default image should show BUT duration is missing from all of them (internal and external)

see attached screenshot.

#72 Spec Out Fundraising & Micro Payments new feature major 4.7 New Ticket 10 years

Reported by anna, 10 years ago.


Investigate methods for implementing donations system for producers/contributors to the site for their future productions.

Some areas to look at:

It's similar to, but the plugin is lets the creator theme the widget, it automatically generates a list of donors, it sets up for automatically monthly donations, and its open source.

We may be able to use Pledge Drive in Plumi..

#251 Design an admin area for managing content new feature major 4.7 New Ticket 8 years

Reported by and, 8 years ago.


Currently dealing with the content coming into a Plumi site is less than elegant. Keeping track of videos to review, in public draft, processing, people to contact about submissions or videos to delete etc. is not made easy.

EM to spec up an idea for how an improved admin system might work for managing this content and interactions with contributors.

See also -

#389 Customise banner for collections new feature major 4.7 New Ticket 7 years

Reported by grant, 7 years ago.


When creating a collections it'd be great to be able to add a custom banner to improve the look and feel of a topic or compilation.

#404 PloneFTP should not run as root reopened task major 4.5.3 New Ticket 7 years

Reported by grant, 7 years ago.


PlumiFTP is running as root which is not ideal from a security perspective. Can we modify it so it can run without needing to do so?

Comment from Dimo:

I don't know of any way of doing that without changing how plumiftp works. The plumiftp init script will always need root privileges to bind to port 21 for listening ftp connections.

Grant, do you know of any sysadmin trick to make plumiftp drop the root privileges but keep using port 21?

I'm afraid we would have to modify plumiftp significantly in the next version so that it drops its root privileges right after it binds port 21. But that's beyond the scope of the current contract.

Comment from Grant:

Nope - no idea - the whole thing needs some research & assessment. How do other FTP daemons do it?

#420 Related videos new task major 4.7 New Ticket 7 years

Reported by and, 7 years ago.


Related Videos - currently this is displayed on the Video View page only as Videos/Clips? by this Author

  • Create algorithm for relating videos
  • Improve related videos portlet UI - more info, display it nicely as per video listings
#464 REVAMPED TEMPLATE - Author / Profile Page reopened enhancement major 4.7 New Ticket 7 years

Reported by anna, 7 years ago.


This ticket can be updated after making some more firm decisions.

  • - -

Look at possibilities for this including:

  • customisable design / banner - other way of pimping space
  • list videos from other sites
  • deprecate dashboard? combine? differentiate?
  • member vs. author vs. dashboard?
  • can we call it "profile" not author page?

these are notes from other tickets - worth looking at:

The p4a portfolio product may provide us with enhanced member profile functionality and social networking. This product needs installation, investigation, testing and an assessment of whether it should be included and what, if any, modifications it would require.

Contact Tab - Enhance the author page so that the option to contact an author is a separate tab. Once more ajax comes in for plone this could really work quite nicely.

#466 Social Networking Integration Spec new task critical 4.6 New Ticket 7 years

Reported by anna, 7 years ago.


Do a review to figure out how to best / most easily integrate better with these social networking platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Kaskus

What do we do now? What would we like to be able to do? What are the highest priorities?

This should be part of the Social Engagement Strategy / Re-Design by EM

#471 Update Indonesian translation based on new design new task blocker 4.6 New Ticket 6 years

Reported by and, 6 years ago.



#477 Add ability to subscribe/follow other users videos new task critical 4.7 New Ticket 6 years

Reported by and, 6 years ago.


Most people don't use the rss feed to stay updated to what other people on the site do.

A "follow" button might be better that emails or posts something to yr FB when someone you like has done something on the site.

Then you could develop followers! :)

#497 Availability of transcoded content should correspond to Plone content states new task critical 4.6 New Ticket 6 years

Reported by and, 6 years ago.


Currently transcoded versions of files are public even if an item has been marked private.

#527 Remove Callouts from Plumi new task minor 4.6 New Ticket 6 years

Reported by anna, 6 years ago.


Remove callouts from Plumi and put into a new product plumi.callouts.

This can be included by, along with new, see:

#561 Copyright footer lists all videos as 2009 - should correspond to date of release new enhancement minor 4.7 New Ticket 6 years

Reported by anna, 6 years ago.


the footer lists all submitted videos in this format, regardless of when the video was submitted. the copyright should either list the current year, or the year submitted. (ideally the latter)

Copyright 2007, by the contributing author. Cite/attribute Resource. balibo. (2009, November 12). Balibo The Movie - Trailer. Retrieved November 17, 2009, from EngageMedia Web site: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Updated by Mike Muzurakis This is a collentlicensing/plumi issue. Plumi just gets the footer from collectivelicensing and displays it. It's easy to change the prefix in collective licensing (like change Copyright 2009 to Copyright 2010 or to 2007-2010 or something), but collectivelicensing is unaware of the video's production date. Putting the production date there, means that we have to override the contentlicensing view and provide our own. It can be done, but it's not trivial and should be moved to another milestone.

#589 Pop-Up Help - Insert into Forms new task major 4.7 New Ticket 6 years

Reported by anna, 6 years ago.


We could implement new context-based Help into various forms on the site.

Starting with the Publish form.

#591 email notification to user on successful FTP upload of video new task major 4.7 New Ticket 6 years

Reported by and, 6 years ago.


At the moment no notification is given to site reviewers when an ftp file is loaded into the site. Often videos are loaded and then no acted upon (no metadata added).

Other times 'nefarious' files can be loaded without admins knowing.

It would be great if admins could get notification of new ftp uploads.

Also users should get an email to notify the file has been uploaded, including the link to the video. Users often forget or can't find their video.

Include a reminder to add metadata, with link to how-to.

#597 Update Indonesian version of Plumi manual for plone 4 and booki system new task major 4.7 New Ticket 6 years

Reported by and, 6 years ago.


Yerry - we just need the new screenshots, is there anything else?

#601 Add blog posts listing to author page assigned task major 4.6 New Ticket 6 years
#608 comments rss returns an insufficient priviledges error new defect critical 4.7 New Ticket 6 years

Reported by and, 6 years ago.

Description can only be viewed if you are logged in. Should be available to anyone.

#619 Location in author page doesn't show when switching to Indonesian new task major 4.6 New Ticket 6 years

Reported by and, 6 years ago.


Also on EngageMedia it does show but it displays as "Lokasi: ${location} Lokasi: Australia"

and the Australia should be a look up, though there is no link.

#625 Unit and functional tests for & plumi.content new enhancement minor 4.6 New Ticket 6 years
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