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#34 Ability to add videos from other sites new feature critical 4.5.2 New Ticket 7 years

Reported by and, 7 years ago.


Create the ability to take videos from Vimeo, YouTube? and add them to a Plumi site.

This will enable broader sharing of content. Videomakers will not have to re-upload their video to another site (the Plumi site) if they have already done so elsewhere. It will also allow site editors to curate content from other sites into a Plumi site.

  • external videos offered as similar UX to publishing ordinary videos, but instead of uploading a video the user can add a link / embed code from Vimeo, Youtube or other site
  • ability to list external videos separately from normal videos on the site (not sure yet in which listings we need to differentiate them)
#812 Member Folder Design Changes reopened enhancement major 4.5.2 Feedback Required 2 years

Reported by anna, 2 years ago.



What remains to do here seems to be:

  • Remove Callouts folder
  • Add a line break under item title
  • Add a par break between items

These changes should be updated in EM skin also.


Ticket moved from:

#878 Fixes for mobiles/tablets new task critical 4.5.2 New Ticket 19 months

Reported by and, 19 months ago.


First thing that needs fixing is that the layout is not adaptive to the iPhone screen size. This needs to happen in both Plumi & EM skin.

I can't test on iPad but I'm guessing this problem would still exist there to some degree.

See iPhone screenshots attached.

On the front page, the featured video player is not adaptive. This could be split into two parts - the leftsidebar with title & description and the player itself, with one appearing below the other on a phone. In future this player could be redesigned and a different player called for smartphones.

On the video view page, the page simply does not adapt properly to this screensize, though the elements should be able to fit better.

#980 Tag Code as 4.5.2 and update and new task critical 4.5.2 New Ticket 2 weeks

Reported by anna, 2 weeks ago.


Bring in CSS changes, new feature.

Tag code and update production sites.

#981 Layout Issues - Front Page - iPhone 480px screen size new task blocker 4.5.2 Work in Progress 12 days

Reported by anna, 12 days ago.


A ticket to list issues with layout on iPhone.

  1. the video player height is not responding correctly. The player must stay at 16:9 dimensions, as all videos and their thumbnails should be in this ratio.
  1. after testing on this screen size, the latest video boxes would be better to tile only 1 across on this screen
  1. font is tiny - see new ticket here
#982 Layout Issues - Front Page - iPad - 768px screen size new task blocker 4.5.2 Work in Progress 12 days

Reported by anna, 12 days ago.


See issues 1 and 3 in the iPhone ticket regarding font size and the video thumbnail not filling the player box (player height does not respond correctly):

However at this size, the Latest Videos boxes look good, and the featured video title and info drop below nicely :)

The footer may depend on the new scaled font size, i can't really see yet.

#983 Mgogoulos Instance needs test data new task critical 4.5.2 New Ticket 12 days

Reported by anna, 12 days ago.


This site is missing comments, news and events, which need to be added to see how the front page will really look.

I just joined and will add some stuff... if you can make user "anna" a manager, that would be great.

#984 Show More Button links to new defect blocker 4.5.2 New Ticket 12 days

Reported by anna, 12 days ago.


The Show More button links to this:

#985 Responsive Fonts new task blocker 4.5.2 New Ticket 11 days

Reported by anna, 11 days ago.


As the rest of the page is now scaling more effectively, we need to scale fonts responsively as per

As the font size currently is very difficult to read on iPhone, it is very small.

On iPad it is a little better, but still a problem.

#404 PloneFTP should not run as root reopened task major 4.5.3 New Ticket 4 years

Reported by grant, 4 years ago.


PlumiFTP is running as root which is not ideal from a security perspective. Can we modify it so it can run without needing to do so?

Comment from Dimo:

I don't know of any way of doing that without changing how plumiftp works. The plumiftp init script will always need root privileges to bind to port 21 for listening ftp connections.

Grant, do you know of any sysadmin trick to make plumiftp drop the root privileges but keep using port 21?

I'm afraid we would have to modify plumiftp significantly in the next version so that it drops its root privileges right after it binds port 21. But that's beyond the scope of the current contract.

Comment from Grant:

Nope - no idea - the whole thing needs some research & assessment. How do other FTP daemons do it?

#640 Check install docs are in-sync new task blocker 4.5.3 New Ticket 3 years

Reported by and, 3 years ago.


There are two different sets of install docs being maintained, they have different approaches as the audiences are slightly different.

The two docs are

Check they are in-sync.

#801 FTP notification system - if system goes down new task critical 4.5.3 New Ticket 2 years

Reported by and, 2 years ago.


FTP sometimes goes down, but there's not way to know until a user emails to say so, which can be days or longer since the problem started.

A system to notify if it's running would be great.

#825 Author Page Styling & Template Fixes reopened defect blocker 4.5.3 Work in Progress 2 years

Reported by anna, 2 years ago.


Still remaining things:

  1. give homepage URL a label "Website:"
  1. re-add social media links, put this underneath Website link, grouped with Location & Website
  1. realign author image left side, left-aligned to "Location" and "Website", make image larger, remove strange white border box
  1. Move bio information paragraph to BELOW image/location/website and ABOVE genre interests etc.
  1. Genre Interests, Activities and Media Formats are missing - don't we have this available in Plumi as well as EM?
  1. In News and Events listings below the author's videos - "Posted: Nov 19, 2008" should appear directly below the title, then there should be a one line space before the summary text.
  1. Change "Latest News" to "<username>'s News"
  1. Change "Latest Events" to "<username>'s Events"



#879 Security new task critical 4.5.3 New Ticket 19 months

Reported by anna, 19 months ago.


Make an assessment of security risks for Plumi and implement any immediate changes required.

#926 Update Plumi to Plone 4.3.1 new task critical 4.5.3 New Ticket 16 months
#933 System information leak when JavaScript disabled new defect major 4.5.3 New Ticket 15 months

Reported by anonymous, 15 months ago.


Turn off JS and click "Show more" link or visit:

<FilesystemResourceDirectory? object at /home/plone/>

#935 Password reset form sends bad link new defect major 4.5.3 New Ticket 14 months

Reported by…, 14 months ago.


Mail is sent without trailing slash '/': portal_registration/passwordreset/4a6879e3794c6bfccccdaaad84b78387

which gives error: "Sorry, this appears to be an invalid request. Please make sure you copied the URL exactly as it appears in your email and that you entered your user name correctly."

Appending slash to the end: portal_registration/passwordreset/4a6879e3794c6bfccccdaaad84b78387/ works ok and password is reset correctly.

#936 fix author contact link bug 18 days ago new task major 4.5.3 New Ticket 14 months

Reported by…, 14 months ago.


3 spaces in lines 217-223 ...

#978 Check/fix Buildout new task blocker 4.5.3 New Ticket 3 months

Reported by anna, 3 months ago.


This may be broken, needs testing and fixing.

#979 Update mediaelement.js new task major 4.5.3 New Ticket 3 months

Reported by anna, 3 months ago.


Check, update, test on staging.

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