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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#208 Translate Plumi to Malaysian task critical Translation --
#477 Add ability to subscribe/follow other users videos task critical AuthorProfile New Ticket
#608 comments rss returns an insufficient priviledges error defect critical Architecture New Ticket
#764 Tagcloud Refactoring task critical Refactoring New Ticket
#72 Spec Out Fundraising & Micro Payments feature major ECommerce New Ticket
#209 Translate Plumi to Tagalog task major Translation --
#210 Translate Plumi to Mandarin task major ATEngageVideo --
#251 Design an admin area for managing content feature major PlumiVideoProduct New Ticket
#362 Allow mixed content languages (?) enhancement major Translation --
#389 Customise banner for collections feature major Design New Ticket
#414 Validate template (.pt) with i18ndude tool -- task major PlumiSkin --
#420 Related videos task major AuthorProfile New Ticket
#589 Pop-Up Help - Insert into Forms task major PlumiSkin New Ticket
#591 email notification to user on successful FTP upload of video task major VideoUploading New Ticket
#597 Update Indonesian version of Plumi manual for plone 4 and booki system yerry task major Documentation New Ticket
#616 Rss feed has name of site, should be name of the user task major Vodcasting --
#633 Lookup for most viewed and downloaded videos task major Architecture --
#635 add Plumi to transifex for translation task major Architecture --
#644 Ability to display latest tweets about a video task major SocialSoftware New Ticket
#646 Open ID + other login support task major Architecture --
#715 Upload API task major VideoUploading --
#725 Logo Doesn't Appear in FB Embed task major EmbeddedPlayback --
#765 Multiple Video Language Selection task major PlumiVideoProduct New Ticket
#775 RSS2 Vodcast Issues defect major Vodcasting New Ticket
#784 Expose ability to change iframe embed sizes enhancement major EmbeddedPlayback New Ticket
#787 Popcorn Integration task major EmbeddedPlayback New Ticket
#827 Ratings Disappeared - re-instate or alternative task major SocialSoftware New Ticket
#836 Translated Items Appearing in Footer task major Translation New Ticket
#849 Ability to Feature Collections enhancement major PlumiVideoProduct New Ticket
#859 Improve Audio Feature Integration & Implement in Folders, Skin Etc. feature major Audio New Ticket
#561 Copyright footer lists all videos as 2009 - should correspond to date of release enhancement minor ContentLicensing New Ticket
#793 Channels Feature feature minor SocialSoftware New Ticket
#794 Playlists Feature feature minor EmbeddedPlayback New Ticket
#796 Video Player - File Sizes for Transcoded Video Files task minor VideoPlayer New Ticket
#833 Re do banner and make tagline font larger enhancement minor Architecture New Ticket
#865 Part of User Groups Prefs Cut Off yiannis defect trivial PlumiEMSkin New Ticket

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#464 REVAMPED TEMPLATE - Author / Profile Page anna enhancement major Templates New Ticket
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