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#601 Add blog posts listing to author page dave task major Architecture New Ticket

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#34 Ability to add videos from other sites feature blocker PlumiVideoProduct Ready for Testing
#471 Update Indonesian translation based on new design task blocker Translation New Ticket
#792 Use CC Search Template feature blocker Search New Ticket
#466 Social Networking Integration Spec engagemedia task critical Research New Ticket
#497 Availability of transcoded content should correspond to Plone content states task critical AuthorProfile New Ticket
#619 Location in author page doesn't show when switching to Indonesian task major AuthorProfile New Ticket
#789 Review of Video Platforms task major ReleaseManagement New Ticket
#799 160 characters UI Feedback - Short Summary on Video Publish Form task major VideoUploading New Ticket
#807 No download button on videos when viewing on android 4.1.1 task major Architecture New Ticket
#866 Browse / Publish Buttons Missing - Search Results & Taxonomy yiannis task major PlumiSkin New Ticket
#929 Facebook Embed - Pause and Volume Buttons Don't Work task major EmbeddedPlayback New Ticket
#527 Remove Callouts from Plumi task minor Refactoring New Ticket
#625 Unit and functional tests for & plumi.content enhancement minor Architecture New Ticket

Status: reopened (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#648 CC license API has no juristiction option task major ContentLicensing New Ticket
#831 Remove Large Magnifying Glass Icon in Search Bar on Firefox yiannis enhancement minor PlumiEMSkin New Ticket
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