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Ticket Summary Severity Status Owner Type Priority
#362 Allow mixed content languages (?) -- new enhancement major
#9 Torrent Tracker Page -- new feature minor
#20 Productions Content Item -- new feature critical
#43 Festivals / Compilations Content Items -- new feature major
#392 Progress bar for transcoding -- new feature major
#74 E-Commerce and Shopping Cart for DVD/Tape Distro -- new task major
#208 Translate Plumi to Malaysian -- new task critical
#209 Translate Plumi to Tagalog -- new task major
#210 Translate Plumi to Mandarin -- new task major
#222 Remove Action - Renaming Video Item - When in Pending/Published State -- new task major
#391 Create iTunes compatible vodcast feed -- new task critical
#414 Validate template (.pt) with i18ndude tool -- new -- task major
#433 Favourites folder defaults to private state - should be public -- new task critical
#542 Plumi Content Types > Schema Extenders -- new task major
#577 Insert Dates & Settings Tabs -- new dave task major
#578 Restrict Addable Item Types on Folders -- new task major
#595 Create Configlet for Plumi Options -- new task major
#613 create a plumi.portlets egg and transfer all the portlets there -- new task major
#615 Listing order in folders vs feeds differs -- new task major
#616 Rss feed has name of site, should be name of the user -- new task major
#633 Lookup for most viewed and downloaded videos -- new task major
#635 add Plumi to transifex for translation -- new task major
#646 Open ID + other login support -- new task major
#715 Upload API -- new task major
#725 Logo Doesn't Appear in FB Embed -- new task major
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