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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#640 Check install docs are in-sync new anna task blocker 4.5.3
#597 Update Indonesian version of Plumi manual for plone 4 and booki system new yerry task major 4.7
#9 Torrent Tracker Page new feature minor 4.9
#34 Ability to add videos from other sites new feature critical 4.5.3
#74 E-Commerce and Shopping Cart for DVD/Tape Distro new task major 4.9
#208 Translate Plumi to Malaysian new task critical 4.7
#209 Translate Plumi to Tagalog new task major 4.7
#210 Translate Plumi to Mandarin new task major 4.7
#222 Remove Action - Renaming Video Item - When in Pending/Published State new task major 4.8
#251 Design an admin area for managing content new feature major 4.7
#391 Create iTunes compatible vodcast feed new task critical 4.9
#420 Related videos new task major 4.7
#471 Update Indonesian translation based on new design new task blocker 4.6
#477 Add ability to subscribe/follow other users videos new task critical 4.7
#497 Availability of transcoded content should correspond to Plone content states new task critical 4.6
#591 email notification to user on successful FTP upload of video new task major 4.7
#608 comments rss returns an insufficient priviledges error new defect critical 4.7
#615 Listing order in folders vs feeds differs new task major 4.9
#616 Rss feed has name of site, should be name of the user new task major 4.7
#619 Location in author page doesn't show when switching to Indonesian new task major 4.6
#625 Unit and functional tests for & plumi.content new enhancement minor 4.6
#633 Lookup for most viewed and downloaded videos new task major 4.7
#644 Ability to display latest tweets about a video new task major 4.7
#646 Open ID + other login support new task major 4.7
#648 CC license API has no juristiction option reopened task major 4.6
#715 Upload API new task major 4.7
#784 Expose ability to change iframe embed sizes new enhancement major 4.7
#801 FTP notification system - if system goes down new task critical 4.5.3
#807 No download button on videos when viewing on android 4.1.1 new task major 4.6
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