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#518 Check videos are being displayed in the order of first transition to published state task major VideoUploading --
#495 Revert to Previous Flowplayer Splash Image File Size -- enhancement minor Transcoding --
#496 move taxonomies to a new and optional package task major Taxonomy --
#537 Default Country & Genre Selection defect major Taxonomy --
#485 Replace collective.plonebookmarklets task major SocialSoftware --
#530 Error on Video Upload defect blocker PlumiVideoProduct --
#539 No Image for Videos defect major PlumiVideoProduct --
#538 No Flowplayer on Front Page defect major PlumiSkin --
#516 Front page is almost 1mb, look at ways to reduce size task major DesignCSS --
#501 Login page elements not in alignment task major AuthorProfile --
#513 Remove image, image caption and body text as being compulsory in callouts task major AuthorProfile --
#515 Top nav links run over 2 lines task major AuthorProfile --
#519 Add images/files to workflow and make pending but not public on submission task major AuthorProfile --
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