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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#628 Comments Dates Incorrect on recent comments listing defect blocker Commenting --
#2 Release ATEngageVideo somebody enhancement major ATVideo --
#21 create custom item type for featured Items [ ATEngageVideo, News, Events, Call Outs] dimo feature major News New Ticket
#33 Ability to add html in description field of smart folders andycat defect major PlumiSkin --
#35 Automatic Metadata Extraction From Video Files andycat defect major ATEngageVideo --
#37 Improved tagging functionality andycat defect major Taxonomy --
#53 Move video product to Zope3 andycat task major ATVideo --
#54 Re-implement the ability to add a custom image to rss2 feeds task major Vodcasting New Ticket
#71 Investigate ATBlobField andycat enhancement major ATEngageVideo --
#75 Make it easy for users to create their own custom vodcast channels andycat task major Vodcasting --
#76 Create widget to allow content licensing within news item edit form andycat task major News --
#78 Group Functionality task major ProductionTools New Ticket
#90 Debian package for Plumi task major SiteTools --
#155 Add ability to embed videos from other sites andycat feature major VideoUploading --
#184 Make Configlet to Control Option for Revealing ReTranscode Messages to Managers or Managers and Owners andycat task major Transcoding --
#206 Include HTML5 video player in rss or atom feed task major Vodcasting New Ticket
#215 Ability to feature site members task major ATEngageVideo New Ticket
#239 Facebook/Twitter integration for posting videos feature major SocialSoftware New Ticket
#252 Develop a system to allow text/audio/file based content to be attached to video items task major PlumiVideoProduct New Ticket
#257 Create more sophisticated search fuctionality and the ability to make saved searches with vodcast outputs task major ATEngageVideo New Ticket
#271 Complete plumi.mediahost egg and upload to pypi vik task major Transcoding --
#315 Re-implement TX metadata atom feed baiju task major Vodcasting --
#372 Apache buildout leaving code cruft in /tmp task major Buildout --
#406 Open Content licensing option not available for news/events/call outs task major ContentLicensing New Ticket
#421 Ability to chat with other users - who else is on this page task major AuthorProfile New Ticket
#431 Add file size (in brackets) to ogv file on video view page enhancement major PlumiSkin --
#490 Investigate nginx Dimo task major AuthorProfile --
#560 Enhance Tag Functionality dave task major SocialSoftware New Ticket
#609 Create RSS feed for the front page that feeds all content task major Architecture New Ticket
#614 Investigate optional universal captcha support task major Architecture New Ticket
#629 Revisit the active members portlet task major Architecture New Ticket
#22 Investigate Calendar Functionality enhancement minor Events New Ticket
#97 Make Plumi compatible with Miro player search bar task minor Vodcasting --
#133 Have plumi work with Gnash (flash player in GPL) andycat task minor EmbeddedPlayback --
#390 Ability to sort content by rating dave task minor SiteTools New Ticket
#465 Random Profile Images For Members enhancement minor AuthorProfile New Ticket
#592 Oembed service implementation Dave feature minor EmbeddedPlayback New Ticket
#68 Indytube / Flowplayer Does Not Go Fullscreen on Opera 9.23 / Mac OS 10.4.10 / PPC G3 andycat defect trivial EmbeddedPlayback --
#221 minor code syntax error on <link> tags in ATVideo andycat task trivial ATVideo --
#602 Ratings Error - rating an item you have already rated task trivial Architecture --

Status: new (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#20 Productions Content Item feature critical SocialSoftware --
#391 Create iTunes compatible vodcast feed task critical ATEngageVideo --
#433 Favourites folder defaults to private state - should be public task critical PlumiSkin --
#43 Festivals / Compilations Content Items feature major ProductionTools --
#74 E-Commerce and Shopping Cart for DVD/Tape Distro task major ECommerce --
#615 Listing order in folders vs feeds differs task major Vodcasting --
#9 Torrent Tracker Page feature minor BitTorrent --
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