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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#636 FTP uploads don't get picked up by transcoder defect blocker Transcoding New Ticket
#475 Refactor transcode.deamon to enable more reliable scheduling of transcoding jobs enhancement major Transcoding New Ticket
#492 Extract Callouts from Plumi task major AuthorProfile --
#541 Refactoring of Plumi - Plumi Video, Plumi App task major Refactoring New Ticket
#543 Use instead of Twisted - Transcode Daemon task major Transcoding --
#605 Rename "plumi callouts" to "callouts" task major Architecture New Ticket
#607 Ability for admins/editors to embed videos into news/page/event/callouts items task major Architecture --
#647 Videos with spaces in the name not transcoded task major Transcoding --
#717 Factor out Callouts, put into EM, leave on ice. task major Architecture New Ticket
#761 Remove Month & Day From Video Content Type Schema task major PlumiVideoProduct New Ticket
#576 Streaming Error - Filename Sanitisation Issue - Transcode Star task minor Transcoding --

Status: new (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Severity
#222 Remove Action - Renaming Video Item - When in Pending/Published State task major ATEngageVideo --
#392 Progress bar for transcoding feature major Transcoding --
#542 Plumi Content Types > Schema Extenders task major Refactoring --
#577 Insert Dates & Settings Tabs dave task major PlumiSkin --
#578 Restrict Addable Item Types on Folders task major PlumiSkin --
#595 Create Configlet for Plumi Options task major Refactoring --
#613 create a plumi.portlets egg and transfer all the portlets there task major Architecture --
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