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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Severity Resolution
#512 Author page throws error when logged in defect blocker -- fixed
#514 /callouts page throw an error task critical -- fixed
#399 Migrate Plumi to Plone 4.0 task major -- fixed
#484 Replace ATCountryWidget with a selection widget + ATVocabularyManager for Plone 4 compatibility task major -- fixed
#498 No flash player in 4.0 alpha task major -- fixed
#500 Video view shows all members folders task major -- fixed
#502 Comments box v.small again task major -- fixed
#503 Publish page elements too close to left nav task major -- fixed
#504 Login page elements not in alignment task major -- duplicate
#505 Double up of icons in left nav task major -- fixed
#506 Remove "a video content" text in video publish form task major -- fixed
#507 Remove full description text explanation in step 1 of publish form task major -- fixed
#510 Step 3 fields not inline task major -- invalid
#482 First look at Plone 4 adaptation -- task minor -- fixed
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