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#641 Update collective.piwik.flowplayer to use the latest piwik version task blocker -- fixed
#676 Language look up should use standard video listing template task critical -- fixed
#690 Remove 'video language' from table on video view page markos task critical -- fixed
#691 16:9 videos have black border on top and bottom task critical -- fixed
#606 Add Hong Kong to list of countries task major -- fixed
#693 Member Videos Folder View Should List in Date/Time Order, Most Recently Added First defect major -- invalid
#735 No License Chooser task major -- fixed
#738 User Search Links to Member Folder defect major -- fixed
#742 Proxy Error defect major -- invalid
#617 Remove callouts from /taxonomy page, factor out of Plumi & hide in interface task minor -- fixed
#701 Taxonomy Links When Clicking Browse From Video Page defect minor -- fixed
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